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  1. suzetal

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    When to See my GP yesterday Her name is Mary G. I went in for my full yearly yuck I hate that one LOL.
    Any way Mary asked how I was doing with the FM.I told her it stinks and is getting worst.Why don't you tell me what you mean. I told her all the new aches and pains that I was starting to get in new places.
    She then asked me ME mind you what I think our next step should be.I told her I needed xrays of my left hip left hand and my elbow all have been real bad. She wrote the script and asked what else. I told her about my diarrhea .
    She asked what do you think is causing it . I told her one of my meds she looked up side affects and said OK stop it for a few weeks and we will go from there.
    Mary asked how I felt about trying new things I said I'm game. She said great she will do the research and I will be the ginny pig LOl.
    We than talked for about an hour about our lives in general.Then before I left she said "Sue its your body its you suffering with the FM and it is you that should help me in finding ways to help you" hang in there see you in a month.
    I came out feeling so wonderful that hubby and I went out to dinner.
    I knew she was the best when I started seeing her a year ago. It seems she has already started some research on FM thats why Mary is so so caring.
    Just wanted to share.
    Sue :)
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  2. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    To find a Dr. who will spend time with you a really listen to what you are saying! I would hang on to her for life!

    I recently switched PCP's and this one seems to know a little more about FMS. He is willing to try different things with me that I have done the research about, and I am happy with that! The last one I had was a knuckle head and didn't know a thing about FMS!

    But, I still only get the 10-15 min time frame for my appointment, so I try to cram as much into it as possible!

    Take care, Sally
  3. LilDarlinDazzle

    LilDarlinDazzle New Member

    I have been on meds for 6 years for a variety of things. IBS "bladder" had 2 surgerys for them to go in and say. you have extreme bladder spasms but we dont know why.. here take these. soo for 6 years i take bladder spasm meds. PMS is awful. Arthritis is the pits. Taking a zillion horomones for PMS and cramps. Prozac. you name it I have a med for it! 16 pills a day. and STILL NO SLEEP. I go to the Dr and seem I sit there lost. cant say what I want to say. I even write down what I want to say and still forget to get the paper out. SO a few weeks ago after 6 hours sleep in 4 days. I sat and wrote my Dr a letter and dropped it off at his office. I really thought he would be upset. But I had searched WWW. for symptoms and found FM well for every single symptom I had a med for it! Ive had 2 spinal fusions and due to have a cage put it. Just waiting on my hearing date for SS. Well Dr called me the day I sent that too him. and we talked for like an hour on the phone. He apoligized to me. I KNEW he did not think I was crazy because the dear man has been testing me for EVERYTHING!. and he kept testing. Never gave up. He told me on thephone he was sorry. That he looked back into my file. and i also sent him copys of my GYN file and he took the time to read through that. My mistake was only reporting to the Dr I thought needed to know. Annyways he has been really good about listening to me. All Ive wanted out of all of this is Sleep! still yet to accomplish that one. He like your Dr is looking to me for answers. Hmmm All I have is WWW. Ive been in lurker statis here for a few weeks.And I LOVE reading what you all have to say. Because I am learning Im not alone. and I appreciate that. My Dear Dr never thought I was crazy. But I seriously thought I was losing it. So as for good Dr's Yea I think I have one.
  4. naturebaby

    naturebaby New Member

    ....her name is Sarah. She's young, I think maybe about 28 or 30.....smart as a whip and with a calmness about her that is so comforting! And she is one of those rarities.....a caring person. I believe medicine is her vocation, not just her career choice, know what I mean?

    Anyway, I'm so blessed to have her caring for me. She is patient and takes me seriously. She has researched fibro for me and a handful of her other patients who have it, and stays on top of new treatments. She also now sees my husband and daughter. They both love her, too.

    I wish for all of you the kind of expert, caring doctor that I am so lucky to have!

    Wishing us all well, nature
  5. ajp

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    I too, have a wonderful doctor, she always listens and is really trying to help me and manage my pain. I have seen a rheumatologist twice ,on her recommendation and neither one of us was happy how it turned out...so I am just staying with her to treat me and I am fine with that.I live in Maine and we are pretty rural here and I truly feel blessed to have her.
  6. rt6176

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    My doctor's name is Whitney and she fits your doctor's description perfectly.

    She also makes house calls if you cannot get to her.

    I have her cellphone number in case of emergency.

    She tells me to email her any website with info that might help with my treatment.

    Also each appointment is an hour long. She is more concerned with treating her patients than making money.

    !!! I Love My Doctor !!!


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I dont know what I would have done without him. When All of this hit me really bad I was going to the ER every time I tunred around, trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

    Well Thank Goodness this first Doctor I actually started seeing is the one who finally did tell me what was wrong with me after many many test. I have now been seeing him for about 6 years.

    He is so great!! He really listens and cares about his patients. He is always willing to try new things that even I may suggest. I always take in new information for him on FMS and CFS and he always takes it greatfully.

    I hope others that are looking for a good doctor will find one!!

  8. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    she shouldn't be such a rarity.

    I am often in defense of doctors because ...REALLY...there's not that much they can do. But bless the doc who listens and values your own perceptions and cares.

    They don't have to "believe" in FM. Truth is, some of my doctors who "believed" were the wackiest (they had pet theories and "CURES"). Just care about the symptoms and entertain the possibility that they may be part of a larger disorder.
  9. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Have a wonderful GP and neuro but the rhuemy I saw sucked!


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