Had Pain Managment Appt.

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    Yesterday was my pain dr appt.I instantly liked this man.I have never had an exam like this.He even tested my reflexes in my fingers.I found out that my Rhuemy lied to me.When he did my spine x rays I asked him if there was a defect like I had been told all my life he said no your spine is fine.Well this dr.said in my rhuemy's notes that it said I had spondilyosis.He wants the original xrays to see for himself.He did not give me pain meds. but I have to go back on mon. and he said he will start me on some opiates and we will talk on what I have had and what I would like to try.He said I had Fibro with Myofacial pain.I had 16 out of the 18 trigger points.Unfortunately though last night was horrible.He said he could feel the spasms in my shoulders and neck area.and wants to rule out disc problems in my neck may have to have mri.He said we can try botox inj. in my shoulders.I took my klonopin last night and trazadone but,legs felt like they were being nawed on by a bear.I just couldn't sleep.Today I feel like I got hit by a mack truck.He pushed trigger points I did not even know I had.Any one else experience this after dr appt.?The bright side is he said he will find something to help and if it takes pain meds. to make me be able to function so be it.Explained and made sure that I understood I will never be pain free and that I need to know my limits but said I did not have to suffer.He also said that Fibro was the hardest thing he has ever come across to treat.He asked questions that my rhuemy never asked and listened to me when I talked. All in all I was with him a little over an hour.There is a light at the end of the tunnel and I feel like I finally have a Dr. who does not think I'm whacked out and looking for drugs.All I need to do is hang on till Monday and then blessed relief.Today will be a lay down and watch movies with my twins day.As I'm moving like I"m Ninety lol.Thanks for all your encouragemnt and for all of you still looking for a good DR. don't give up hope they are out there!!
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    That is wonderful! I am sure you are looking forward to Monday. I know after I went to the DR. this last time the next day I hurt so bad! It will go away again and the pain meds.will surely help. Have a relaxing day. Take care of yourself. God bless!
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    That's really wonderful that you found someone you liked instantly, someone who understands "the nature of the beast" that is fibro. As for the pain you felt afterward, happens to me all the time. I dread going to a new doc because I know that all the prodding and poking during the exam will leave me in agony for days to come. I usually take pain meds the minute I come home in the hope of trying to ward some of it off. Keep us posted after your next visit.
    Love and blessings
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    Today was a wasted day.I slept for 2 hrs.YAY Didn't do much.Thanks for all the support and counting down the days til mon.My hubby is going with me and that's good he needs to hear it from the horses mouth.Thanks for all your encourgament and god bless.Mad wolf thanks for explaining that to me.It's great to have someone versed in medicine on the board!