Had panic attack the other day

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Jan 2, 2012.

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    I learned that my old neighbor had suffered a bad house fire and she and her son had to be treated at the local ER for smoke inhalation. Ir brought back some really intense memories of my own house fire in 1996. I remembered every thing just as it happened and relived it. It was horriable for me and I felt so guilty that I was panicing abouat me when it was my friends house. I could feel the heat from the fire and remember tripping over the fire hose's. I wanted to be there for her but my car is not working so I guess that it was better this way. I don't want any one to get hurt while I am I am having a panic attack and driving. I hate these memoreis that come at a flash and feel like they are really happening now not years ago. I could feel the pain from tripping over the fire hose and I was limping like I did hten as I had just had knee surgery. How can this be? Should I feel this way from just a memory? I am so connfused and worried. My friend is back with her family but the house is badly damaged I so wish taht I could have been a help to her like she helped me back in 1996. But I am scared that if I had been living in our old house and saw her's go up in flames I would not have been worth much help to her. Can't I haev a normal reaction just once to what life throws me. Yesterday was a bad day too as my daughter had to take my Mom to the ER after she injured her hand at church on Sunday, that is my job but without a car she had to do it adn take her 18 month old little boy with her. OF course it took all afternoon to just x-ray it and splint it. But I sat here and worried adn was so mad that my husband hadd not fixed my car as of yet. I could not take his truck as the transmission was bad so he took the suburban to work. So I was stuck at home. I am getting cabin fever badly with out a car and a way out of this house. Boy am I having a pity party today. Sorry.
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    Sorry that you are having a hard time. I know panic attacks are not fun--I don't get them much anymore; since I started taking Super B complex vitamins.

    Some areas that have bus service also have a program called Dial a Ride-where they come to your house in a van and take you to a drs appt or shopping. The program here requires 24 hour advance notice. Maybe that is an idea to help you to get out of the house a little.

    Or can your daughter come and take you out once a week?

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