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    Since my dx last week by rheumy, dh and I decided to reapply for my disability. Called and scheduled the phone interview for yesterday am. Got up, got all paperwork in order and got the call. The woman informs me within two minutes of the start of the interview that because dh is on disability also, that we make too much money for me to go on disability too! I have never heard of such a thing! Why didnt someone tell us this three years ago when I first started the first disability claim? He made just as much then as now. So now we dont know what we are going to do - I hurt too much to work anywhere and what they give us to raise a family of four on is just barely cutting it. Went to Social Services to see if they could help - nope. So, I guess we just stick where we are and hope something comes up. Thanks for listening to me whine awhile - had to get it out! Best wishes and gentle hugs to all. ~
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    sorry to hear this. it is so hard to get this type of news. The one thing i guess i just do not understand is IF you have paid in enough and have enough credits to receive Disability how can you be denied for income being to high? I just don't understand that and maybe you should read up and do research on that type of thing.
    I hope things work out okay for you. Sorry to hear you got such disturbing news.
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    and it is bulls**t!!! Acually I won my SSI case and have been collecting for a few years now,but-a couple yrs ago I figured it would be much easier on me if myself and my children moved in with their father(I have my own small apartment)But frequently stay at his home.I was told if I moved in with him i would'nt qualify for ssi since he made too much!!Baaaa!! Were talking a family of 5 on on one income!! I then checked into food stamps to see if we'd get those....NOPE! and I'd lose my medical insurance!!! So for the time being I have to keep my apartment to be eligable for SSI~Is that a crazy system or what!! Unless I want to try to return to work,I'm screwed!
    I am so sorry to hear your fate...and mine.Something needs to change there!! Good luck and hang in there ok?
    Warm regards,