Had quit smoking for 1 week..horrible flare

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sdmay3, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. sdmay3

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    I had quit smoking on October 5. My mother had been in the hospital for smoking relate breathing problems and it really bothered me.

    All of a sudden I had no real desire to smoke. I got myself some of the nicotine gum but only used it the first day. After that I was fine. Withing a day or two I began feeling really different. My breathing was different. I could smell things I couldn't smell before, foods tasted better. Even my 4 year old noticed how good my hair smelled.

    Then I started going into a horrible flare. My legs started to feel like they were on fire on the outside but they felt ice cold deep inside. The next day I woke up and the muscles were full of knots. I was hurting all over. The pain kept getting worse. Finally on the 12th I smoked a cigarette and have been smoking since then. Not nearly as much...but still. (I was never a BIG BIG smoker, about 10 a day, but any is too many). It seems to have eased up the pain. I don't know if this is in my head or not.

    I have let myself down and my kids down. I am going to try again.
  2. donna275

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    really really bad for the first week and a half. I started to ache, my legs mostly, too. I quite about three years ago and two weeks after I quit is when all this fibro crap came about. I wanted to blame it on quitting, but the doctor said that wouldn't have caused it. Anyway I quit for two years and stupid me started up again for no reason. I tried again on Oct. 3 and haven't had a cig yet. I plan on being successful. I was scared my fibro symptoms were going to come back full force, but so far I ached but not like before. i feel really good today. It has been two weeks. I am on the nicotine patches which really help me. I also started the South Beach Diet again because i bloat so bad. I think it is because I have an insulin problem, not diabetes yet, but could turn into if I don't watch it. Anyway, I am feeling wonderful today, with my stomach flat, no bloating, and the aches are receding.

    I love having control again. When I smoke, I feel like the cigs control me. Try again, you'll pass through a rough spot and it will eventually go away. I slept alot the first week also.

    Good luck,

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