Had the gallbleadder out but had to spend the night low 02

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    The doctor told me that my gallbladder was full was full of stones and sludges in it and it was the best thing to do to get it out and I shoudl feel much better now. But after the surgery I was struggeling with keeping my 02 up above78 and i just could not get the deep breaths that I needed and then my IV blew and Ihad to have another put iiin and it made my right arm hurt so bad that I almost ripped it out but I was a good gils and left it alone.
    I was moved to the medical floor for the night a 24 hour stay is what it is called. But I sure was struggeling to breathe deeply enought o keep the 02 where it sould be.And since everytime they would take me off it it would drop so I got to spend the night and idn't get much sleep iether.

    To day I go t to lave by 10am and I don't hurt too much but I hve this feeling that there is som cuh pressure under my breasts from one pf the ports they used to put the gas in my belly. And since i am one of " those" people who don't do things like they should I was still ahving pain when I was breathing to night and I had some pain in my chest but I felt like my abdomen was so tight and hard as a rock that it was pushing up in teh diraphram and making it hurt to brathe and take deep breathes.

    When I called the Docter around 11 pm tonight he wasnted me to come back inand be seen for it but I didn't want to go it to the ER and Every one at home as asleep adn my mom is still tired from spending most of yesterday wiht me.

    I am feeling better now and the pain in my chest is really in teh rib cage and in the ribs as when I touched the my sturmen it hurts where it joins with the ribs so I could have a bit of chostochrondritis. Any way I spent the night at the hospital and came home today. MY pain in my cheast is amost gone now and I am going to go to bed soome to get some sleep inmy bed. I think the reason that my arms hurt is because I had 3 IV blow and then they had the automatice B/P cuff on me all night as well as the pulse oximiter too and I was awakeded at 7am after not sleeping well but my doctor siae I had to have one houur of having the 02 above 89 , everyting was going fine till I started to cough my dry hacking cough that reall hurts when I do it and I was givng me so much pain that I was in tears.

    Bbut I spke to my doctor tonight and we tlkaed about if things got worse I was to go tothe ER and so far things have gotten better. Well I am off to bed now , I need my sleep and rst andI Don;'t want the pain to come pack So off to bed I go. I will righ tlater when I am feling better I just wanted to let you know I was OK.
    I will write later on.

    LOVe you all,
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    So glad to hear after all of that, that you are feeling a little better.


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