Had the most wonderful experience yesterday afternoon that may

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    become part of my therapy or I may make it part of my therapy. I got to see 2 up close and in person and got to pet a kitten Bengal Tigers!!!! I think they were Bengals, I may be wrong but they are of the big cat variety. A very special friend of mine, she and her husband run a sanctuary for unwanted big cats. These beautiful magnificant creatures that people have gotten, the novelty wore off, they woke up one morning and decided, I don't want to be bothered anymore with this, whatever the reason, and then enter my 2 friends. They work tirelessly caring for these big cats. They have if I remember right 6 adults and 2 "babies" that you can't help falling in love with on sight. The 2 little ones were in pretty bad shape when they acquired them. The smaller of the 2, Anna chose to put her back on the bottle to give her a boost. (Yes they were young enough that she readily accepted a bottle) One is much smaller than the other and who knows if her growth has been stunted but they are certainly in the right hands now. They will be loved and cared for the length of their natural lives if I know Anna and her husband Brian.

    And to think, me just a regular nobody, got to see these beautiful big cats up close and in person. I got to pet the nose of a lioness named Lindsy, I got to see the adult Bengal tigers which one his weight is estimated to be over 950 pounds.......can you say BIG pooper scooper...... We were standing outside talking and the big cats up on the hill began to roar and make noise, it was so cool to hear these them. I gotta say it was an experience not many people can say they have and I may make it part of my therapy to go regularly and see the big cats and the "babies" and watch them grow.

    My friend Anna has this dam disease as well so I gave her the link for this web site so she may be showing up here.

    I see my neurosurgeon today for a checkup on the bone graft and the positioning of the hardware in my neck. Having some aches and pains this morning but it is raining here so I am wondering maybe this is just weather related. I have been fairly pain free since Friday and am trying to hold on to this good period.

    Sorry for rambling, just had to tell you about my friend and the big cats. They have a web site and I know we are not suppose to post web links here so anyone who would like to see pix of the big cats can email me and I will give you the link for it.

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    When he said that animals have spiritual significance. I have long believed that animals have healing abilities for us.

    I visited my neighbor whose beautiful cat is usually not all that outgoing. I had just lost my little granddog and somehow, her cat sensed this. She jumped up on the counter and pushed her snout into my chin. This is a very high-level act on behalf of a cat or dog. It is a sign of love, friendship, and trust.

    Here, at the beach, the dolphins sometimes will swim up to the waders and wiggle around like puppies ready to play. It always bring joy and healing to me to see them.

    I'm glad you are doing so well.

    Love, Mikie