Had what I beleive to be a "NEWSFLASH" from God....

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by hoosiermama, Aug 14, 2004.

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    I have had a terrible flare going on. I have the pain, which is nothing new, its not horrible, but there like always.

    This time however, I have been overcome, overwhelmed, and concsumed with fear, doubt, anxiety etc.

    I have not had this horrible feeling before. I am also "fuzzy". I am not real sure what fibro fog feels like, I hope this is what it is. Nontheless its the most awful feeling.

    I have prayed and prayed. I believe in the Lord, and I know that somehow, He will fortify me. He will not let me be alone in this.

    As I sat in my car outside a Wal-mart, I couldn't go in. Had a terrible panic attack, and could not go in, I grabbed my bible. I started flying through it, trying to find an answer!! Trying to find the words I needed to hear.

    I came to the Book of John. Chapter 11 verse 4. It reads as follows:


    I sat there....My eyes were full of tears. I was overcome. I do believe that God, spoke through those verses, to me. I am certain of that.

    I have considered this moment all week. I am still having the flare. My body is sick. I am weak, and my balance is off. I am in pain, and have the little annoying symptoms hitting me still. But I also know that I will be ok. No matter what happens. I am not alone in this!

    I just thought that I would share this with you. That perhaps like me, you can see this as an opportunity, to glorify the Son, lean on Him, feel His Grace, and accept the lot you have been given.

    I pray that together we can become one...all us Fibromites, and Chronic Fatiguers, and show each other love, respect, and grattitude for being led into this area of worship. That we can CONQUER THE DEMON OF SICKNESS and rely on the comfort of the Lord!
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    Hi ,

    I usually post on the arthritic board, but I have been reading the post here and it has helped me, and I have prayed for some of you, requesting prayer.

    I would like to know what I have, I have been treated for FMS, but never told I have it. I have been on Flexiril for years, and take Ambien to help me sleep. This summer was seeing a P.A. , she called it muscle involvement and put me on Pamelor.

    I am a LVN, havent worked as a nurse for about 2 1/2 yrs. But I didnt know till I read on the internet that these meds are all used for fibromyalgia. She dx. me with psoriatic arthritis. I was dx. with R.A. 9 1/2 yrs ago and have been treated for it till this summer.

    Now I am off the plaquenil and the pred. has been lowered to 5 mg. and I am getting crippling arthritis in my rt. hand. I am not working ,am waiting to hear from S.S. for reconsideration. I am also having a lot of problems in my rt. knee, hurts sitting,and lying down more, than being up on it. The Rheumy tells me I have inflammatory osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

    I am a born again christian, and I do believe the Lord is testing and trying me, which I am prob. failing the test. I am just seeing the small picture, and he is seeing it all, and he knows the outcome. I have had a hard time asking the Lord to heal me, I just ask him to help me bear the pain, and find out what is wrong with me.

    I know ," He Is Able To Heal", but I dont feel worthy to ask.I guess Its because He Suffered and died for me. I feel like my burden is so light compared to what he went thru.

    I know the Lord can work in our lives , but sometimes he has to get our attention. He sure does, when we are not able to work and get involved with everything. I was always so busy, I went to Church regularly, but didnt do much for the Lord on the other days, I was prob. going thru the motions

    I am glad you have found comfort in the scriptures and I know the Lord is with you. I know he Loves You.. I would just like to say one more thing . There is a lot worse things in this life than dying, we that have trusted the Lord as our Saviour ,will be in Heaven, the second after we die. My mother-in-law is in a nursing home,96 yrs old. She just lays there all day and night, doesnt know any one is around, usually. She cant ask for a drink of water, when she is thirsty, she cant ask for a blanket , when she is cold. She cant turn herself when she is hurting, I am turning constantly because I hurt too bad staying in one position. I have worked in the Nursing homes . Most of the employees do the best they can , usually they are understaffed. The aides made rounds every 2 hrs, so if you were wet , had a bowel movement, whatever you had to wait. They were busy the whole 8 hrs and so was I ,sitting up meds and changing dressings and etc. I was the only nurse there ,on my shift.

    I am hoping the Lord does take me, before this happens to me.
    May the Lord Bless You

    With Love,
  3. Mikie

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    This is so common for us. Anxiety can be horrible. I know; I'm suffering from it a lot lately. I do have my Klonopin which really helps, but the stress has been more than I can handle lately.

    I have shut down everything to rest, pray, and take good care of myself.

    The anxiety can be caused by a slight state of seizure in our brains. I have posted Dr. Cheney's article on Klonopin on the FMS board many times. You can also find it in our library. Even if you don't want to try Klonopin, it's worth reading the article because it does an excellent job of explaining everything.

    My prayers are with you.

    Love, Mikie