Hair Color Products=Any favorites to cover stubborn grey???

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hermitlady, Apr 28, 2008.

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    I really should be wearing a hat right now like my smilie friend to the left. I am way past due to color my hair! The last couple of yrs I've been having my stylist color it every 2 months or so, but it's expensive and isn't staying on my hair very well.

    I have short, curly, coarse brown hair that's maybe 20% grey. The grey hairs are very resistant to color and it seems to wash out within a couple of wks. I use good quality shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair, but that still doesn't help.

    Last spring, she added highlights which were fun for a change (see me in my profile, ugh). Unfortunately, my hair is rather dry due to it's natural texture so it ended up looking rather straw-like after highlighting for a few months. I did like the highlights cuz the grey didn't show up as fast when the color wore off.

    Anyway, I'm thinking I might as well save a few bucks and just go back to coloring it myself. I used to use permanent color like Revlon or Loreal from the drug store. I've gone to our beauty supply store nearby, but the women in there barely speak english and were no help whatsoever!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for me as to what hair color product to try???...just to dye it brown, I'm not attempting the highlights myself. Summer is coming and I'll be in our pool a lot, but I always wear a hat. We have a salt water pool too, so the chlorine isn't a big issue.

    I'm feeling quite ugly right now and need a makeover....unfortunately, there's not much of anything different I can do with my hair. It's been in the same 2 or 3 styles since high school....curly is not very versatile. Poodle-like if I don't blow dry it a little, yucko.

    Thanks from your faded friend Hermit :)
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    I totally understand the need to color your hair. I now have to go every three weeks to keep up with the grey roots. Grrr..

    Anyway, there is a product, I think it's called 'GreyGone' or something like that and you/the colorist put a few drops into the bottle of dye. It supposed to help cover 'resistant grey.' Good luck--I hate the greys!!!

  3. TeaBisqit

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    My dad was like totally white haired at my age, and I'm starting to see signs of it now. I have dark blonde hair and usually bleach it. I just haven't done it in awhile, so all the roots are out and I see real white in the front. I'm kind of hoping the bleach will mask some of it.

    There's a hotline on the boxes for some of the big named products. Clairol, L'Oreal, you could always call the number or visit the websites. They'll totally help you.
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    Sally's Beauty Supply. ION hair color. The cream type is harder to mix with the developer but conditions beautifully.

    If you have no Sally's, use L'Oreal Cream in your chosen shade and color every three weeks, tops. (All cream style color bases are more conditioning.)

    If I were you I'd use a styling gel on my short highlighted hair and call me beautiful. ;>)

    The brunette with blond highlights and lots of experience,
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    I buy the original Henna from an Indian shop, one packet of red and one of black. Very natural and also cheap.

    I mix them separately with lemon juice, leave overnight, mix together next day and plaster it on my hair for 3 hours. For less red use less red mix.

  6. Cromwell

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    You know I am 61 and still have very blonde hair. I never color it, yet for many years people presume I do and when I say I don't they think I am lying. People have even asked me which colorist I use as it looks so natural!!!

    I used to have really white blonde hair and it just got darker as I got older. In summer it lightens up with the sun.

    HOWEVER-I would trade the natural hair color for my wrinkles any day!!! It is far easier to color hair than erase wrinklies!!!

    Love Annie ps. My mom had her auburn hair until she was about 76, except for a white streak across the front.
  7. hermitlady

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    Thanx ladies.....

    I used to use Henna for yrs to redden my hair...It doesn't stick to my grey hair now tho.

    I bought some Revlon Colorist. It has a weekly cond w color refresher so we'll see. I just have to have a day where I feel like applying it and dealing w the mess.
  8. ilovepink4

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    I clicked on your profile, Hermit and you sound like me....with the special kids, and the staying at home...coloring your hair, etc...

    i am 41 and getting grey tufts at my temples and strands along my part...i nowhave waist long extensions, in a red color that is hard to keep from fading...i have to go to the salon for this now but i also have had short hair...mostly have had short hair...

    and when i say short, i say sheared off, stubby, Twiggy style short...

    my advice to you (by the way, you are super cute!) You have such a nice face that you could go very short...especially since you have coarse hair, you wouldn't have to do anything to it...wash and wear...i have thin hair and wish it was thick....especiallhy when it is short....

    i think you should get crazy and have the stylist cut it with a razor blade...not kidding...and you get the cutest jagged look...have the bangs done really short and all different lengths...

    then, you could just let it go would be really cute! you could wear red lipstick and get funky glasses or sunglasses...cute earrrings...

    OR, it would be so short, it would very fast and easy to color at home every 4 weeks...

    the only drawback is you have to keep it cut...every 4 weeks....unless your hair grows really slowly...

    i say buzz it short...super short at the bangs and it forward on each side (with your fingers and gel or wax) with no part and kind of fluff it up at the crown...soooooo cute....

    Ok...what do you think??? PInk
  9. ckball

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    I would go short like others said, look at my profile pic, I got my hair cut about 2 weeks ago and love it. With the right stylist your hair would be a great wash and go do.

    I'm a dingy brown with grey and use to go to a light golden brown, but have now started using blondes to lighten it and make the grays more like highlights.
    I use the Nice and easy , I think, that is at Wally's for $3. It's just hair and will grow back, mine was to my waist at one time, but love it short- Have fun-Carla
  10. ilovepink4

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    my mother has been doing that for years and i think she looks beautiful! She has short hair and does the color herself at home....she has blue eyes and it just suits her...i think her old shade of light brown hair was kinda she has a pretty shade of all over blonde...and her hair is short, too....

    either way, blond over the gray or going for the gray with lots of colorful clothes, earrings, lipstick, glasses...

    i love the look of super short gray hair and colored plastic, green, purple...and always the dark funky!

  11. hermitlady

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    Super short like you mentioned is not a good look on me. My hair is tight curly, if I gel it and let it dry. It's like a solid helmet of poodle hair, I hate it! My hair doesn't move in the breeze, it's like a 'fro.

    When I've had it buzzed really short all over I feel like a moose! I always joke w my sister that I feel like "little head, large body!!" My face is so fat now that I've settled into this middle aged FM weight gain, yuck. Ugly as ugly can be!
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  12. Danille

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    I started going grey at 21 and just now at 43 am my natural color, which is 80% grey. I got a cute new haircut, made sure to ask for a young hair cut. I have wavy to curly hair too.

    Coloring my hair was so hard, especially the grey. I had to go to a professional to get lasting grey coverage and to keep from turning red after to many DIY dye jobs. i was a natural blond too and that is just not a DIY color to get in my experience.

    Getting the haircut was the best thing I did. My main goal was to get rid of the last of my colored hair. I have heard from everyone who has seen it that I look younger, even though I am solid grey in front now.

    I will never color my hair again.
  13. ilovepink4

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    I love your hair! I peeked at your profile...I let my hair go natural last summer and it didn't have enough gray to look just looks dull and washes me out...dark flat brown...i color my hair red for now...i just get annoyed when my part starts to show the grays mixed in with the brown roots...

    if I had your beautiful hair, i would not dye it either! i want to add that you have gorgeous skin, too....lucky girl!

  14. Danille

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    Wow Pink, thank you. Not bad for 43 eh?

    The pacific northwest is wet, rainy, and grey much of the year but our summers are beautiful adn all of the yucky rain is great for skin. I moisturize every day too as well as not spending much time in the sun. I am a shade kind of a gal. Being over the top happy with the man who's lap I'm on helps loads since I am usually smiling.

    I hated my wavy/curly hair all of my younger years. I usually wore is butt length to make it straight. I finally learned to like it as long as I had a good haircut. Since I'm not working I couldn't keep paying for good cuts so I grew it for the first 10 months of my forced retirement. The haircut I now have is a $5.50 beauty school cut. I love it. I will get one more haircut before she graduates and I will leave her my info with hopes that she will go somewhere I can afford.

    I can't tell you how much your compliment means to me. I have felt so unattractive since no longer being able to spend a couple hundred a month on looking good. I have looked at your profile too so I know how gorgeous you are. Thank you.

  15. kellygirl

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    I met a friend I havn't seen in years. She was half grey in her 20's. She went naturally grey, like a whitish-grey and has short spiked hair. She looked really great and so chic.

    It looked professionally done.