Hair loss anyone

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by earn, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. earn

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    Wondering if anyone has had bad hair loss. Mine is coming out so badly, I am begining to really worry about it. I know I need to ask doctor, but would like to hear from someone who may have had this problem-Thanks-Laverne
  2. millennia

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    A few year back I was losing so much hair. Being a female in her mid 20's I didn't think it was normal. My Doctor told me it was stress (Hey, another person telling me its all in my head). But it stopped falling out when I started taking a B vitamin complex. The B vitamins also help with my sensitivity to touch. If you're on a lot of Meds do an online search with the meds name and hair loss. Sometimes side effects aren't listed that a lot of people complain about. I know how you feel :(
  3. fivesue

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    can be a cause of hair loss. Have you had your thyroid levels checked?

  4. earn

    earn New Member

    Thank you girls, so much. It is wonderful how members take time to help others here.

    I am almost 72, and don`t take much meds--except pain meds. My thyroid has been normal---but I do stay stressed out with these conditions--and depressed-since I am unable to get out much, ot try to sew and etc and start hurting. (You know the feeling).

    Thank you again for such a "quick" reply--
    I am going to start on vitamins-esp the B family.
    Take care----Laverne
  5. fivesue

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    I do hope you find the cause and correct it quickly. I noticed you live in LA...did Katrina do any harm to your home?

    Anyway, keep us posted on how you are coming with your hair. What a pain to deal with losing your hair along with the pain, etc. with the DD.

  6. sues1

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    My hair really started falling out....and it was already thin. Part of it genetics but I think other part is my health.I take the vits. My throid, etc. is okay. Dr. said nothing can be done on it.

    I remembred a friend that went through months in a hospital and when I saw her she looked beautiful. I asked how she kept her hair looking so good, and that I loved her new hair style. She always kept her hair so nice. She laughed and said it was a wig. Did not look like it at all.

    So when my hair got worse I called and asked her where she got it and she told me from Debra Young cataloges. So I found the site online and they sent me a book. Mine was not expensive at all. A new Dr. I went to did not realize it either, until I told him, he was amazed. I felt he should know that I have the hair loss.

    My DH says I should get a red one for fun.....LOL......I am going to order a couple more.

    Easy to take care of and you look great a minutes notice!
    Hair's to you!!! (Boo)...LOL
  7. earn

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    To all, thanks for all the encouragement and help.When you get my age, everything starts shifting and falling--in one place or the other. You start thinking how grateful you are -just to be able to get up next morning, and yourlooks sorta take back stage.

    Sue--I live in north La--so I always miss the huricains--thanks for asking.

    The supplement I bought at health food store is called--Wachters` Nutri Hair Loss Complex.Take care-Love Laverne