Hair Loss Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mshonda400ex, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. mshonda400ex

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    For the past few years I have noticed that when I run my hand through my hair it falls out in wads. I have to clean out my brush a few times a week. Does this come with FM?
  2. karenreese

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    This is a very good question. I've been having the same problem, to the point when I wash my hair the screen in my tub is really full of hair! If there is a way to stop this I'd like to know! TC Karen
  3. hurtin2much

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    I have had this problem over the last few years. i started taking asupplement and after a month or so so a great difference. I stopped taking after 6 months and the hair started to come out again...leaving strands all over the place...not nice for others! I started on it again and since then have no problems at all with hair loss.

    I am not at home at the moment so I can't list the ingredients in the supplement, but its called arkcapil (in spain) and you take 1 caps. a day. I'll start a new post tomorrow with the list of its contents.

    It also worked for my hubby, who's hair was thinning but now he has much more hair (after 6 months or so), for me it only took a month to notice the diffrence. it also helps with fatigue I've found, as the days I forget to take it I am much more tired.

    Please contact me directly for more info on this exact product.
  4. hurtin2much

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    SORRY! name is ARKOCAPIL

  5. mshonda400ex

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    Thanks for all the replies!
  6. JewelRA

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    Mine is falling out like crazy!! Of course, I take methotrexate for my JRA and this is a major side effect of this, so it is hard to tell if I would have it otherwise. I've been tested for thyroid problems and nothing shows up.
  7. windyfriend

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    my hair fell out in clumps the doctor prosribed a steroid (dermovate) I It works, rub into the bald spot and give it time. I still get other spots
  8. hurtin2much

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  9. lesleyjoy

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    I don't know about FM but with cfs you can have hair loss. My hair halved it's volume about 10 years ago just before my cfs was indentified. I was worried sick and saw a specialist then got a govt. subsidy for hair extentions. They've been wonderful. The text books say that approx, 25% of people with cfs will get hair loss.
  10. DoveL

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    Hey there! I have been having hair loss on and off for 6 years (more on than off). Clumps of hair in the shower. I used to have really thick hair (Like Diana Ross), thank goodness, and have lost over 75% of it. I find it quite depressing. I have CFS and FMS. I have researched that for some, this is a symptom of the disease (still, I would rule everything out for an 'underlying condition, 'you never know)

    The only med I take is xanax at night, have had every test in the book (holistically and thru Med. Docs), and have no abnormal thyroid issues ect...I have spent so much $$$$$$ trying to find an underlying cause with this hair loss and illness, but from reading and researching, I realize all these 101 symptoms are from FMS CFS, (at least for me, anyway)

    Good luck, and good health.