Hair Loss, shaved my head

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  1. tinypillar

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    I know this subject has been brought up before, but now it's happened to me. A few weeks ago I noticed my hair was coming out a lot more than usual. I normally have really thick naturally wavy hair. After a few days of handfulls of hair, I decided just to shave it off with electric clippers (my hair was pretty long).

    I didn't notice any bald patches after I shaved it, just some areas that looked thinnner. I had a doctor appt. a few days afterwards and you should have seen the look on his face. There is nothing like having done something extreme to be taken a bit more seriously. He ordered some blood tests to see if there is a reason besides just FM/Meds that caused this.

    Since I'm somewhat young (and look young, I'm 33), I've received some comments from strangers, assuming I'm trying to make some sort of statement with my lack of hair. I've found this is an opportunity to educate them that my hair was falling out because of either medications I take for my FM or for some unknown to me FM related problem. That usually either shuts them up fast or I get to answer some questions about what FM is.

    I have since quit taking all my meds, except the ultracet as needed, and have been more vigilant with adding all my natural suppliments back in. I didn't get a withdrawl from Effexor like I expected (I was on 75mg, once a day), just some extra fatigue. I haven't taken my flexeril either, and I am not sure if I will go back on it or not. It's not that the meds didn't help me at all, but I think they were hurting me more than helping at this point (I was having other side effects).

    Hopefully my hair will not fall out again.
  2. Cromwell

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    Maybe it will now grow back well. I do hope you have not got alopecia which is a nerve condition I think that causes hair loss.

    Love Anne Cromwell

    ps My hair seems to get thicker and dryer with this DD but I hardly take meds except keep trying elavil which makes me gain weight rapidly. We cannot win!
  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Maybe it will now grow back well. I do hope you have not got alopecia which is a nerve condition I think that causes hair loss.

    Love Anne Cromwell

    ps My hair seems to get thicker and dryer with this DD but I hardly take meds except keep trying elavil which makes me gain weight rapidly. We cannot win!
  4. reckabek

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    My hair is thin too, always has sucks really bad...expecially up front, UGG....i have always wanted to shave my head, but i would need it to the skin or i would look like i had been given Chemo!, thats how bad it is. but i dont want it to the skin, shining away! U should do some funky colors to it! that would be fun! im a hair stylist of coarse....hehe

    well i hope it thinkens up..i did read somewhere that thin hair, alopechia and baldness is a sympton of it could just be that...or stress, or meds...who knows...the other day i felt alot of mine coming out to, but maybe it was because i decided to put it into bobby pins and it broke the hair??

    sometimes age causes our hair to thin as well as our diet...expecially weight loss. foods can cause hair to get dry and brittle and break too, high protien diets....

    but either way i bet u look hot, and thats awesome!!! rock on fibro lady!!!! beck!!!
  5. kellyann

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    Wow...girl that is drastic to say the least! I looked at your bio picture, you had long pretty hair! What a shame to shave it! Never, ever would I shave my head unless I had chemo, or was on the verge of death(brain surgery or such). My hair is my best feature, haha!

    Have you had you thyroid levels checked lately? Low thyroid levels will give symptoms of hair loss and eye- brows falling out halfway over to the side of the head. Other symptoms are tiredness, dry skin, sore muscles,low body temerature, there is a lot that goes on with thyroid problems. Sometimes the thyroid levels will test normal, but the t4 will not convert to t3 in your body. It is always best to go to a knowledgeable doctor. One way you can check your thyroid is to look in the mirror. If you can see a lump in the area of your thyroid when you swallow, that is an indication you need to get it checked. My dr told me that one, haha!

    Look at your eyebrows and see if they are full or missing hair, and let me know! I'll be thinking and praying for you!
  6. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    Good for you! I agree with you that doctors may take an extreme step like this a little more seriously.

    I'm a "baldy", too, right now, but I have cancer & am doing the chemo. I have to say, though, I really didn't waste a lot of time grieving over my loss of hair.

    In fact, I'm kinda diggin' the no hair thing---I packed for a weekend trip the other day: no hair dryer or straightening iron, no shampoo or conditioner (I still wash my head but not quite as often), no brush or comb. Easy!

    I usually wear a scarf of sorts because my head gets cold! But it doesn't bother me to appear outside sans scarf, I just worry about sun, and my head getting cold.

    I hope yours grows back beautifully---and that you can eventually discover the reason for the thinning hair. In the meantime, no fuss, no muss.


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  7. tinypillar

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    I have had my thyroid checked fairly recently, however my doctor did order some blood tests (iron and something else I can't remember).

    So far it looks like it's all growing back fine, so I'm not too worried. My eyebrows never thinnned nor did the hair fall out there, or anywhere else on my body.

    Thanks everyone for the support :)
  8. Banka8

    Banka8 New Member

    Just wanted to say a few things about hair loss in women. If your hair loss is not a result of medications or thyroid problems and you have seen a doctor about it consider that it may be because of bacteria.

    I have been on the Marshall Protocol now for a year and my hair hardly falls out at all.

    My daughter has had a problem with hair loss for ten years and I decided to try just antibiotics on her (with her doctors approval) I just give her 1/4 of a 250mg tablet of zithromyacin every week and now her hair has stopped falling out and is growing back in.

    I also decided to try it on my dog who has had a terrible time with hair loss and itching skin. I had tried all kinds of treatments at the vets including antibiotics and steroids but it always came back. With my vets permission I started giving my dog 1/4 of a 250 mg zithromyacin every week for about 2 months and her skin has cleared up and stayed cleared up. That was six months ago.

    Always check with your doctor before trying any treatment involving prescription medications.

    Take care
  9. oesmom

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    All of the Ad's can cause hair loss, and flexeril is closely related to the tricyclic AD's, so it can cause hair loss, too. All AD's (the 3 that I've tried) caused my hair to fall out and now I'm finding that Ambien is the WORST!!! I'm losing an average of over 300 hairs a day!! I can feel close to normal on these meds, but I'd be bald. I've tried flax, selinium, zinc... all the things they say helps with hair and nothing ever helped. It just quit falling out and grew back in around 3 months after stopping the meds.
  10. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    I was just worried that your thyroid may be making you sick.
    Maybe your hair will grow back even thicker. Oh well, it's only will grow back! You are way too pretty a girl to go around bald though, haha!I bet you did shock your doctor. What did you mom say?

    Take Care!
  11. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    I would love to shave mine since it's so thin. I also seem to be getting a little thinner up there on the right side. It's bad enough I have baby fine hair, but you can see right through to the scalp. Frustrates the heck out of me.
  12. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I happen to agree with Kellyann .... that is drastic to say the least! I also looked at your bio picture--what long, pretty hair! What a shame to shave it!

    I would never shave my head unless I had chemo, and my hair is definitely not my best feature either!

    I have this very thin, baby fine hair that I must keep cut fairly short. It is thinning, too, probably from a combination of my meds and thyroid.

    It is so thin that you can see through to my scalp in some places on the top, especially if I am standing in the sunlight.

    I also have scalp psorisos on the top of my scalp, which is causing my hair to come out in spots and make the top of my scalp even worse. Ugh!

    Even though, at my age (55), I think I would look worse with a shaved head than I do now. If mine gets too bad, I'm just going shopping for a lightweight wig!!!

    Good luck on yours growing back in thicker!

  13. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    Wigs are fun to play with anyway. I buy lots of them because I do clowning for charities mostly. If I felt better I would think of doing birthday parties and such, but don't quite have the energy yet.
    Take Care!
  14. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    One of the meds I was on for bipolar disorder made my hair fall out - Depakote.

    It was awful. My hair was really thick and then it was coming out in droves. Fortunately, once I stopped the med. my hair came back.

    I just had mine all cut off and got a pixie for summer. I love it and the money I've saved on product alone will pay for the haircut.

    Hopefully your doc will figure out which med was the problem.

    Usually in the prescribing information hair loss is noted as "rare".

    Well, if it's a "rare" side effect, Murphy's Law says that I will be the one to experience it.

    Madame Curie
  15. MsE

    MsE New Member

    What's in flax that helps hair to grow?
  16. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Have they tested you for Lupus?? Lot of the same symptoms as FM but it is know to cause hair loss.. especially in clumps like you described.. hope the additional testing will explain what is going on..
  17. MsE

    MsE New Member

    Thanks for the info, Prickles. I'm going to buy some flax tomorrow and give it a go.
  18. lostmisty

    lostmisty New Member

    Omega fatty acids are good for healthy skin and hair. Certain meds and illness can cause the roots of your hair to stop developing, something to do with the follicle shutting down and making weak roots. My brain is currently too mushy to remember the scientific explanation. :p

    Taking the offending med or having, say for example pneumonia, can cause the root to stop developing and over time weaken the hair's hold in the follicle. Your hair can start raining out months after the cause. Eventually the follicle will start doing it's job again and the hair grows back. Anti-convulsives are the very devil for causing this.

    PS: You are brave for shaving your head. :D My head is too lumpy to ever be attractive that way but it sure would be liberating. ^^
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  19. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    Like diarrhea or acid reflux? Because when I was very sick I was dx'd with Crohn's disease and my hair had been falling out in handfuls for months before hand, and my primary doc did not know why. The GI doc told me it was from malnutrition caused by the Crohn's. I am also told other autoimmunes like Lupus will cause hair loss.

    You are brave to shave your head! More power to you. I hope it grows back for you.