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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by thelionrose, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. thelionrose

    thelionrose New Member

    Before I developed CFS, I had thick hair. Over the last couple of years I have lost almost all of it. Has anyone had a similar experience? Has anyone found anything that helped? My confidence and my love life are suffering.
  2. place

    place New Member

    It has just began, just a little shallow around the temporal area. I am being put on meds for thyroid!

    Good luck!
  3. brock

    brock New Member

    I am a male, so this probably does not apply. However, I am starting to bald, though probably not as a result of FMS. I once read where those with thinning hair look best the shorter the hair is. It makes it looks like you have more hair than is really there. Consequently, I just shave my head now. I like the look and it feels great.

    Thank goodness this is an "in" look (at least where I live) so I don't feel out of place.

  4. millennia

    millennia New Member

    I was losing my hair over the last year or so. I had my thyroid and everything checked. My doctor said it was stress. Anyway, someone on the boards here mentioned in passing that they stopped losing their hair after they started drinking apple cider vinegar. I thought I might as well try, I've tried everything else. Well after only a few days of drinking about 2 tablespoons a day mixed with water, I stopped losing my hair. Now I only lose a few strands when I wash my hair, I used to have to empty the drain 3 times during one shower. Obviously you'll want to rule out anything serious, but in the meantime you might want to try the cider vinegar. Just make sure to get the natural stuff with the "mother", not the Heinz or something. Bragg's is the brand I use.
  5. sascha

    sascha Member

    my hair started thinning on top of my head. someone gave me a book by Dr. Christine Northrup, who recommends an Chinese herbal approach for losing hair >>>Shou Wu Pill.

    i keep forgetting that i have it, but Dr. Northrup is a reputable practioner so she should know. i found my bottle of pills at health food store. i just got it out, so i guess i'll take some- sascha
  6. thelionrose

    thelionrose New Member

    Thank all of you for your responses. I will get my thyroid rechecked. I will also try the flaxseed suggestion and the other herbal suggestions. Unfortunately, I have already had to try the hair cutting suggestion. I look good with short hair but now even that is thinning and starting to look frankly bald. Has anyone ever had their scalp biopsied? I have had it done 3 times and each time it showed scarring (meaning the hair follicles had been destroyed and were not going to grow back). It is kind of like the baldness in lupus but it is NOT lupus. Has anyone had that experience?
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