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    it's been a long time since i've posted on here.. i was doing SO fabulous, almost 100%.. and unfortunately i lost it all about 8 months due to a mold issue at work. Ever since I started working in this office (which was basically a warehouse/basement by the water) - it was beautiful but had major leak problems. My hair has fallen out non-stop and I've lost a tremendous amount of hair, probably the worst thing a girl could go through... I've tried not to stress because I know it'll make it worse, but it's at the point where it's so noticable and i've become so insecure. I've gone to doctors and they're not sure what it is, bloodtests are fine, but I'm taking Iodine just incase it is related to my thyroid... is there anything that can help with hair loss/hair regrowth?? I would love any suggestions, and even what else it could possibly be? as far as I know it was all caused from the mold, I'm just not sure why it hasn't stopped (i left my office building about 4 months ago).. unless it's because there's mold in my current house now, which really concerns me..

    trying to stay positive,
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    my daugher worked in a wet moldy building for 2 years.she had lots of hair loss, sinus& upper respiratory infections,headaches, and muscle pain.

    she has been gone about 18months from that probably took her almost a year to start feeling like she did prior to working there.and the hair loss tapered off and stopped after 6 months or so.

    but now whenever she gets really stressed, or is sick the hair loss starts again, just not as severe. i think that mold exposure put her over the top, she has a lot of the fibro/cfids symptoms like me anyways.

    if she is good to her hair, which means not coloring it a lot, or using a lot of product on her hair, it does a lot better.

    my blood tests were in the ok range for thyroid, but dr put me on a low dose armor thyroid just to see if anything would get better. i have lost 15 lbs since and i dont hurt as bad. no energy increase :/ but ill take what i can get.

    you might try a low dose if your in the low normal range.and see if theres a difference in your hair loss

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    i've been having a lot of mental breakdowns lately,because i was doing so well prior to this mold exposure, but trying to get a grip on myself... i just used to have gorgeous thick hair and out of nowhere it's like it all disappeared, with CFS i felt like i could always hide it because i could pretend i'd have energy or didnt have all of these problems and i could just put on a happy face, but when my hair is falling out i feel like everyone can see how sick i am, and it just makes you feel very insecure.
    Kat I remember you mentioned your daughter having mold issues. I guess it's been about 5 solid months since I've been out of the moldy environment, I'm just hoping at some point i'll see a difference in my hair loss. I haven't touched my hair with color or anything, I need every little hair strand I can get!
    I started with the Iodine recently, maybe I will try the thyroid armour that you and jaminhealth suggested. I appreciate your help, and hope that things will resolve themselves somehow.. just never expected things could get SO much worse when they were soo much better..
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    Your havin a setback,this disease is like livin on a roller coaster. Have you maybe tried some supps to clear the mold out of your system faster??

    I made my daughter get on some vit c,d, and some others. She is horrible about taking meds! Don't give up on your hair, or the setback. I think we've all had em.

    I was at about 60% a few years back, and even worked part time. But had a hysterectomy in 08. Now back to about 30% on a good day.

    It's those kind of stresses that our bodies just can't handle much of.if you have a good relationship with your dr, and you think you may be hypothyroid it sure wont hurt to try the armor. My dr did notice I was loosing my outer eyebrows,that's another sign of thyroid probs

    Also before I couldn't loose an ounce,I was steadily going up the scale, and ate a very clean no sugar,bad carb diet. In a little over a month I have lost 15 lbs. That tells me no matter what that blood work says, that thyroid is off. Good luck honey, hope you get sone relief soon!!

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    prior to this when i was literally almost 95% well, working full time and basically had my life back, i was going to a holistic doctor whose remedies ALWAYS worked, it would always pick up certain things, and a few months back he did pick up mold issues and gave me tons of remedies but absolutely nothing helped, and it just baffles me because i don't understand why. i actually just started taking both vitamin c and d and am taking a pretty decent amount, so i'm gonna try and stick with it, am also taking a hair supplement which has gotten great reviews, so we'll see. thank you again for your help!! i'm going to talk to my doctor about my thyroid and getting on some things just incase. congrats atleast on your weight loss and that the armor helped you! slowly but surely i guess we'll get all get there - best wishes ! xo
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    I'm sorry to hear you're going through that also. This has been going on for almost a year now, and at first my hair was falling out at an alarming rate, but I had so much so you couldn't even really notice it. Now fast-forward about a year and it's definitely become more noticeable and you can see thinning/balding areas, which really freaks me out. Hopefully you figure it out. thanks for the advice!