Hair question...........gals with STRAIGHT hair

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  1. I wear my hair short, I have super short hair. Always hated it. What I was wondering is there any product to keep give your hair some body without weighing it down? Body perms don't work.HELP! anyone have this problem? I am trying to let it grow out so its more like Katie Holmes style, or a short one length look, sort of, I think. LOL!
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    a chin length with an undercut in back is gives it a fuller look. I go with easy myself!
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    and I have never had any luck with body perms either. But I do find that coloring it gives it a good boost of body and makes it oh so much easier to style.

    :) Ophelia
  4. Yes I do color my hair already.
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    Why don't they work?

    Is it that your hair is still straight afterwards?

    I have thick, coarse, and straight hair.

    I have to use a "normal" perm on my hair to get it to take any curl at all.

    The other thing is what size perm curlers are they using?

    I have to use VERY tiny diameter curlers on my hair, or it won't curl at all.

    I also have to leave the perm on for the maximum amount of time.

    I mean my hair is as straight as you can possibly get. I also wear it short. I couldn't do anything to my hair if it weren't for perms.
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    i too have very straight limp hair, takes nothing to wimp it out.

    as a former hairdresser and salon owner of many years until this dd took over my life, i can tell you this. if you are using ANY kind of instant condition. STOP! all that stuff does is coat yout hair. it weighs it down and actually does nothing for the hair.

    especially if you have been keeping it pretty short, you do not need conditioner.

    yes coloring your hair will help some

    however if you have fine straight hair don't expect any mircles. actually about the only way you could get much volume is to actually beat it up with color and stuff, then it wouldn't be limp. it would be crispy.

    a little short "bob" might work well for you. also once you get it grown in and cut the way you want it it is very important that you have it trimmed every few weeks.

    don't be afraid to talk to different hairdressers and ask them to work with you. if they are any good at all they will be happy to work with you.

    there are some very nice products out there for stlying purposes. use a product that is designed to do what you want. if you want fluff and volume stay away frome gels and such. something like a mousse might work better for you.

    this is my humble opinion and without actually feeling your hair and examining it thats is about all i can suggest.
    oh and don't use shampoos that have those creamy conditions built in. you should be able to see through your shampoo if you are trying to stay away from conditions.
  7. Thats my problem, my hairdresser quit , so its hard to know where to go. I hate finding a new one and need too soon.

    Yes I did know that conditioner drags fine straight hair down more. Thanks gals for the info.
  8. thanks, I guess short and layers is it. I wish I could let it grow long and get a nice style.
  9. No we have city water, so thats not my problem. Perms just don't work on me, if they curl I have such a mess with them, so no more perms for me.
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    I didn't know well water affected you hair. We have well water, kind of, we have a natural underground spring our well is hooked up to , so I don't think that is the same thing? The water tastes wonderful. So I'd think it would be even better than tap water.

    Take Care and Be Well,Your Friend, Kellyann
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    I find that the Sunsilk shampoos and hair products help with body and are priced well too. 'Get Hairapy'
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    I also have very straight hair which is VERY thin and is baby fine. The most awful type of hair ever!!!! LOL

    Body perms would never take in my hair either. I used to get perms, but they were to get a curly effect and not just body. I can't even get a perm now because I have developed this gosh awful scalp psorosis.

    Anyway, I don't use any conditioners either, nor do I use any shampoos that have conditioners--like those "2 'n 1" types.

    I then use Aussie mousse - Aussie products are in deep purple bottles with the kangeroo on the front! The gels are just too much--weigh you hair down and sometimes gives it a greasy look where they leave your hair stiff as a board when it dries! The mousses work much better.

    I always buy the Maximum Hold in everything I try!!

    After using a curling iron to put 3 curls in the top of my hair (can't hold arms up long enough to put more than 3 curls in!!), and combing it, I also have to use hair spray to keep it from falling down limp!

  13. I decided to just let it grow and see. Maybe I can put it in a pony tail or bun when I don't feel like fooling with it.
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    I have fairly short hair. I always dreaded how i would look an hour after i did my hair. i tried the pantene texturize shampoo, conditioner, mousse and hairspray. what a difference it makes.