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    I have this..I don't just mean little hairloss...I mean LOTS!!!! I talked to my Dr yesterday and she told me it is due to me having really really low iron..

    I have tried for months and months and months to get my iron levels up and they are staying the same level, have to go again at the end of Septemeber to get another blood test done to see where they stand. so for those of you's who are having hairloss get your iron level checked too as this may be the problem for you as well.

    As for the pain in my lower back, it is still there and still in the front of me..well side and lower part...hurts to cough and move the wrong way, dh is still sleeping as he worked midnights so can't go anywhere til he's up.

    Love, Ann
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    I've been losing my hair for several I'm 49 and I've read and been told that the thyroid has something to do with it also. I use to have really thick hair and you can see my scalp in places. But I'm not so sure about mine. On my Dad's side thin hair runs in his family so I'm thinking I might have inherited it.

    Good Luck,Keke
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    My mother didn't have very thick hair like my father had. I noticed since I was in menopause and on ERT (had a partial hysterectomy in 1992), that I lost a lot of hair and I feel it was due to the Premarin I was on.

    Then like ever since, one thing or another seems to make my hair thin. Stress, one new med or the other, etc.

    I have just completed 4 months of Nexium and I lost hair on that med. My hair is thinner now. I'm on Prevacid for erosive esophagitis and I wonder if the hair loss will continue?

    My hairstylist friend told me that it is genetic that my hair is thinning and not so much meds or stress, etc.

    So who really knows 100%? I've seen a dermatologist in the 90's and he didn't know, so I pretty much gave up.

    I started to color my hair and it gave it more body and thickness. Now because my FMS is so bad, I have to get my hair colored professionally every other month. Boy, can I tell when the time comes around to get it colored.

    I wish I knew the answer to this. I'm taking vitamins and now Flax Seed Oil capsules from the Pro Health Store, plus B12 sublinguals and CoQ10, Magnesium Plus.

    I just started on the Flax Seed Oil capsules a bit over a week ago, so it is too soon to see if this will help like I have heard the ground flax seeds will. I don't know... If anyone has any other ideas, I would really like to hear them.