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  1. Aeronsmom

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    anyone else having this problem and what can we do about it?
    it just seemed like it happen over night, I took another mirror and looked at the back of my head a notice a bald spot there it's not little either, at one point the spot was sore and felt a little warm, can anyone get some kind of scalp infection which would lead to hairloss? should I get it checked out? any help from you all would be great.

    love to all, Ann
  2. Mini4Me

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    I would get it checked out. I began to have significant hair loss at the age of 40 and was diagnosed with "male patterned baldness"! I told the doc, hey, I'm a female, remember!

    But it appears that many females suffer with this condition. I have used rogaine ever since. My hair is still there and still looks quite healthy.

    It could also be something else, so it is good to get it checked out.
    Best of luck,
  3. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    I plan on going to the Doc's today.

    have a good day, love to all, Ann
  4. woofmom

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    You may have Alopecia Areata. I've had it twice. I believe mine was caused by extreme stress (both mental and physical). If you have Alopecia Areata it will grow back without any treatment in 6 months to a year. The first time I had it I got cortisone shots. The second time I let it come back on it's own. The quicker the stress is relieved the quicker it starts coming back.
  5. Shalala

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    I am losing hair too but not that badly. When I shampoo (every other day generally) I have a bunch of hair in the drain mess strainere thingy. I think I am losing it in private area also. I think some Meds and stress can cause that ... but I wouldn't think it would be that much. I would go to the doc hun.

    (((((( hugs ))))))
  6. Aeronsmom

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    Hi there
    I was going to Doc's today but my stupid car decided that it did not want to start...turns out it is the starter so my hubby will fix it tonight and then I will go see Doc tomorrow. I hate this DD.
    Love to all, Ann
  7. Maryjoanna

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    I lost bunches of hair in every shower for years. I just thought it was normal to have clumpy strings of wet hair when I was done.

    I was on thyroid replacement so I knew it couldn't be thyroid. Well, it was. I wasn't on a high enough dose. Now I am on a higher dose and the hairloss is gone along with some of the more intense pain behind my knees.

    best wishes
  8. snogirl

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    My hairloss started happening.....Years ago!! When I was a younger teen. I am now 34 and my Hair is falling out Bad it's every where!! It gets into my food even if I put up pasted to my head. Before I cook. I find it all over the floor, my clothes, Bed, etc.....My head at times feels like my Hair is being ripped out of my head!! I have all kinds of problems/issues with my Hair. Falling out, Splitting, Breaking, Oily Scalp, Dry, Bumps, Pimple like sores/bumps that water comes out of em, Sores, I get like ingrown hairs that don't comletely come out my Scalp that will cause the sores to form. The sores been for yrs now!! I really noticed it for like 8 yrs now!! When I was a little girl and teen my Mama would CUT my hair short because I literately had a Horse's Tail for Hair!! Hair-ties and Rubber bands wouldn't even go around my thick hair unless they were real big stretchy one's. Now it's A LOT Thinner and falls out all the time constantly. I notice where I get the bumps/pimples that is where I am losing a lot of hair like kinda bald looking!! Just like MaryJoanna.....I too was losing a lot in the shower. Long story short I keep my hair shorter, it's easier to manage *kinda and I think less hairloss!! I tried different shampoos, conditioner's, hair grease, my Mama and I used to do Oil Treatments on my Scalp and that didn't help my Scalp at all!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. otrcollectors

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    I started losing hair and found out, I have poly cystic ovary symdrome. Don't know if that is your problem, but that is what happened to me.
  10. skeptik2

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    My hair loss was from infection of the follicles of the hair. A course of antibiotics took care of the problem, which caused sores on my head also.