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    I read your post about your mom on achybraky's poll about coffee drinking but thought you might find this easier.

    Years ago I had a terrible time getting up and getting going in the morning, so would sometimes drink 3 - 4 cups of coffee so I could get to class on time -- only to then be so sleepy that I'd fall back into bed and sleep for the next 4--5 hours!!

    Then I found out about hypoglycemia -- which I had, and still watch. Too much sugar's not the only thing that can make you sleepy -- coffee can ALSO paradoxically make you sleepy.

    She may be experiencing this effect... which tends to go along with hypoglycemia, so she might want to concentrate on eating only low-glycemic foods as well.

    I didn't drink coffee for years and did much better. I do drink 1-2 cups a day now to counteract antihistamines.


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    I definitely responded to an amphetamine the one time I took it in the expected way -- a low dose woke me up, so I don't think I'm ADD/ADHD ... altho I tend to have always been a procrastinator....

    The paradoxical reaaction to coffee has been documented with hypoglycemia for many years, however, and if I do drink cofffee too late in the day now it will keep me awake.

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    Victoria, I think you may be right ... she is continuing to have so many problems and (Achey)is on quite a few meds ... Effexor and another AD, Valium (which she says she rarely takes), Neurontin, something for high cholesterol, Ambien, and a couple others I can't remember. She definitely has thyroid problems, low basal temp, etc ... but so far has been unable to find a doc that will treat. I don't know if hypothyroid would play a role in her post-coffee sleepiness or not. She really needs a medicine cabinet clean-up and someone to treat her hypothyroid. Hard to find docs that will do what needs to be done and insurance to cover it. <sigh>

    She does not eat well at all (I think sometimes it's toast and coffee ... then maybe more toast if she gets hungry later in the day and that may be it if she's really fatigued ... too tired to cook, to tired to grocery shop, can't stand the overstim in stores)and I worry about her. I am just beginning to accept that I have to do without sugar and may be hypoglycemic myself. She is nowhere near that place .... she is in, what do you call it ... De-Nile. But, I will pass along the paradox info to her!

    I wish I could do more to help her, but with my boys ... one in school and one home, college classes (Human Anatomy and Physiology is a lot harder that I thought it would be), and my own low energy reserves ... I just can't get out to help her much. Been trying to get her involved here on the board, and will keep trying.

    Madwolf ... are you suggesting she should consider AD/HD testing? Would that be useful? *I* have the "but first" syndrome ... geez, I've never thought of it being AD/HD. I also have this hyper-focus thing where I have to finish what I start to the exclusion of *everything* else, or it doesn't get finished. Are these connected? Hmmmm.......

    Thanks ya'll ......... :) Hugs,