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    Good picture, love the pups- aren't they the best to help you through. I am going to study Medical Secretary- I would hopefully like to work at home doing transcripting someday. I hope I can get through this, and like people have said maybe you can take some courses from home.

    Anyways good picture- and I don't blame DH for telling you that- it is hell getting 50- but we gotta be survivors...

    I also wanted to let you know, I also found a really nice PPS board for polio survivors- taken me a little time to find one that is active- but I will keep on this board, too.

    Bless yah
  2. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    Thanks Hayley, I will be happy if I pass and they let me go at my pace- It sure isn't 100 miles an hour anymore- but I will do the best if I can. I have learned in the last year, if you need help "Ask" and gotta stop thinking we should conquer all.

    I will stay on this board it is like family and the advice here is astounding.

    I have 4 pups, 3 females and 1 male(they are a handful in itself) - but gotta love them.

    Take Care(hope you are feeling better)

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