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    I believe there is a lot of coindence to what you've been posting. I already believed that my neurotransmitters were involved in what is wrong with me. I had been reading about electrotheraphy and brain stimulation. It made a lot of sense to me. Then I read your posts about rebounding. Which also made sense. Last week I started doing some "bouncing" and "juggling"? exercises. Friday afternoon I was bent over doing things and I got a weird headache. It didn't really hurt. It mostly felt uncomfortable. Then it felt like pressure on the right side of my head and ear. That night my blood pressure jumped around like crazy. The next morning I got a whiff of fragranced shampoo. My BP went up to 126/ 90 and immediately came down and stabilized. My eyesight also got a lot better. It felt as though a veil was lifted. I think? I may have awakened or stimulated my neurotransmitters. Anything is possible. I also have more energy than I've had in months and months. I feel that it will last if I'm careful with diet and chemicals. It kinda' feels like a miracle.
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    I wonder if they find that part of the problem is msg, aspartame, and/or other unnatural things added to food, I wonder if they'll ever admit it.