half my head hurts please read and help

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    Does any one know what this is for 3 days now half my head the left side of my head ,eye, ear, throat is hurting so much ive been taking my normal meds and ibroprofen but nothing is getting rid of it i dont no if 1/2 my face looks swollen or sort of dropped sorry cant explain just hurts like hell the noise hurts the light hurts cannot consentrait even type properly blurred eye does any one no what it can be never had before
    Loopyloo xx
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    I might be totally off base, but have you ever had a migraine? What you are describing sounds just the way I feel when I get one - the 3 day ones are the worst! I usually get nausea with it as well.

    I would suggest getting something with caffiene into your system and putting a cool cloth or ice-pack on your head. Honestly if it's been going on for this long and hasn't gotten better, I'd head to the doctor - especially if this isn't something you've encountered before. There are some great migraine medications out there if it is a migraine.

    Hope you feel better soon!
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    I had something very similar to that once, with burning on the top of my head. (I thought I was having a stroke) Went to the Dr. He said it was a sinus infection. After completing two rounds of antibiotics it went away.

    I know how badly it hurts, and how scary it is. See your dr. just to make sure.

    Hope you are soon feeling better

    Love Shirley

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    One time my cheek swelled severely (like a huge bubble, felt like my skin was going to crack), my head and ear also hurt. The doctor said my parotid gland was swollen, (gland problems are typical with Sjogren's Syndrome which I have in addition to Fibro). I believe he gave me an antibiotic and pain killer. I went to ER it was so severe.

    Otherwise, I agree that it could be migraines.

    Get to feeling better . . .

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    Hi everyone still hurting but not as much as yesterday this is about day 5 now and as it is not hurting as much im hoping it is going away slowly i was feeling sick with it as well so may be it was migraine got some thing that has asprin and paracetomol in that is strong pain killer so lets hope that works

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    This sounds like a classic migraine to me!! I don't get the swollen stuff, though, but with migraines it is standard for 1/2 the head to hurt (for me, it's always the right half) and that can include your ear, throat on that side, plus light sensitivity, etc.!!

    Check with your doctor to confirm this; there are some really effective medications for migraine headaches (and I do not use any other prescription meds, but my migraines got so awful, I HAD to break down & try something---I use a small dose of Maxalt & it works very well for me, but there are other things, too).

    Ibuprofen does not work well for a migraine, it acts in the opposite way on your blood vessels----so IF you DO have a migraine, it's no wonder the ibuprofen does not relieve it.

    Please check with your regular doc, most docs are familiar with migraines & the current meds out to treat them. I hope you get some relief for these!!