Halloween Plans?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Juloo, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. Juloo

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    In northeastern Florida, we are having beautiful, beautiful weather -- highs in the low 70s, clear, blue skies, etc. This will probably be my son's last trick-or-treat year (he's 12 -- and nearly 6 feet tall!), and he and my husband (the escort) are dressing as characters from the movie 'Shaun of the Dead'. Son will be protagonist 'Shaun', and my husband will be 'Ed' (the zombie). The costumes were pretty easy, consisting mostly of dripping maroon acrylic paint on a white shirt and a t-shirt. I'll do my husband's zombie makeup right before they go out.

    As usual, I man the candy bowl at home for our few visitors -- we usually have between one and two dozen. Lights are off by 8.

    I'm feeling good because of the beautiful weather, but am having a mild FM flare in my biceps, which I haven't had in a while.

    Wishing all of you an uneventful night!
  2. Jorgie

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    I'm have a pirate party at my house :p Nothing huge just a few friends and a boss :p Gonna have lots of candy for all the kids :)
  3. Juloo

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    I'm on the screen porch with my laptop on my lap. I've been out a little over 45 minutes, and we've only had 5 kids so far. One of our neighbors who came by with his girls agreed with me when I remarked that it's almost like we missed getting some memo that cancelled Halloween or something.

    But, different than usual, some of the parents were also in costume, too. So we've had a (zombie bride with her)( Darth Vader (son), and a ghost and princess pair of sisters, Harry Potter, and a little prince (parents dressed as a king and queen). And some house on the next block must be having a cookout, because whatever they're cooking smells amazing.

    Looks like we'll have lots of leftover candy!

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  4. victoria

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    Tomorrow is "All Souls Day", aka "Noche de los Muertos"....

    Where I'm living in Mexico has some of the best festivities etc surrounding "Noche de los Muertos"... The cemeteries are already decorated with each families' remembrances of their ancestors, the dead's favorite things, and flower decorations (literally designs)... candles are already lit.... they wait til midnight and way past that, as that's when their 'past' family starts to return and also share stories about the family.

    Unfortunately I have the flu, so am going to wait til tomorrow night, as the candlelit vigil continues until midnight tomorrow.

    Here's a great link with pictures of the area & cemeteries at this time of the year:

    However, I do miss the old-fashioned Halloween we used to have as kids... never got to participate as an adult due to both the down-sizing of door-to-door trick or treating and living out in the country where houses were few and far between!

    Happy Halloween!

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  5. Juloo

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    ...in the New Orleans area. All Saints Day was a public school holiday, although there wasn't at much observance as there probably had been 50 to 75 years before. I miss it, though. It certainly gave another dimension to the holiday -- er, actually it was the holiday!

    We only had one more kid tonight -- a little girl in a bright pink flapper dress.

    So six in all -- in two hours! I think this will probably be our last Halloween that we give out candy (although, we could probably just save the rest of our candy...too bad it will go bad, so I guess we'll just have to eat it!).

    Night all!

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