Hallucinated on Ambien

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibrodan, Jun 7, 2003.

  1. fibrodan

    fibrodan New Member

    This really freaked me out last night. I took two Ambien because I realy needed some sleep, as well as my Neurontin. I didn't go to bed right away (in hind-sight it was probably a bad ideaI)and decided to have a midnight snack. I kept going in and out of a dreamlike state, and I was seeing people who were not there. I kept spilling my cereal all over me, and I was carrying on conversations with people who were not there. It really scared my husband. He finally made me go to bed.

    Anything like this ever happended to any of you?

  2. darlamk

    darlamk New Member

    Someone reported this awhile back on here. I have used ambien for years and never had this type of reaction. I do get really slow & sleepy if I stay up too late after taking it. I'm sure the combo with Neurontin was a factor too since it is quite fast acting. kind of like taking a trip & never really leaving the farm? :) couldn't resist that one!
  3. Dara

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    to me, but I know someone who does have that problem with Ambien. How many milligrams all together did you end up taking? What is really scarry, is the person who had the hallucinating from Ambien, ended up taking more than she was suppose to, almost like she couldn't remember how many she had already taken?? She didn't know it until the next day, actually the day after that, how many she had ended up taking. It's a wonder she didn't end up critical.

  4. layinglow

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    Ambien should be taken right before going to bed, as it works quickly, but does not last long (thus no hangover in the morning). I think you got into trouble by doubling the doseage, and adding neurontin to the increased dosage.

    Have you not been able to sleep with one Ambien and the Neurontin? Perhaps you have been on the Ambien long enough you need a change? Or if you are sensitive to meds try increasing by 1/4 or 1/2 tablet--instead of full tab, with Drs. okay.

    Sounds like quite an experience for your hubby....

    Best wishes, LL
  5. FibroNan

    FibroNan New Member

    What milligram were the Ambien? I have the 10 milligram ones but usually I can get by on half a pill. Taking two and then the Neurontin was probably too much. One night I took an Ambien, 2 Celebrex and an Ibuprofen very close together and I woke up during the night feeling very strange and I hallucinated too. I would have sworn that I saw people in my neighbor's yard but I know they weren't there. It's a good thing your husband was looking out for you. Be careful!
  6. fibrodan

    fibrodan New Member

    I wouldn't have thought that the extra 10 miligrams of Ambien would do that. I have only been on the Neurontin for a couple of weeks. I have really bad insomnia, and sometimes I think it's more psychological than physiological. When I have an important meeting first thing in the morning and I know that I have to be up early, I can really pysch myself out. I usually end up lying in bed wide awake.

    I think the combo of the Ambien and Neurontin (not to mention the extra dose of Ambien) is what did it. I'll tell you one thing though, the Neurontin has been a big lifesaver. Now, when I wake up in the morning, I can wait an hour or two before I take my Oxycontin. Before I started taking the Neurontin, I would run straight to the medicine cabinet after waking up. The morning pain was so bad. Now it is so much more bearable.

    Thanks for your responses. It's nice to be able to tell people something so sensitive, and not be judged. I think our pain can sometimes make us do things we wouldn't normally do.

  7. bejo

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    I took ambien for a while and I hated it.If I didn't get to bed at the right time I could barely stand up.If I had to get up to the bathroom at night it affected me the same way.Yet I never felt rested after taking it.I really didn't feel like I slept,more like I was heavily drugged. bejo
  8. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    I have to take it right before bed AND I have to tell hubby NOT to touch me!!! It is like a date rape drug. He loves for me to take it...:) I do not remember what I do but he is a happy man in the morning.
    I will only take this drug when absolutly necessary. The sleep I get with it is rotten. there has got to be another way!!!!
    Fibrodan- is'nt the neurontin working for your sleep???
  9. jka

    jka New Member

    sometimes when i get up during the night,i'll see trails of my hand and other things.it really spook me the first time.i also have a hard time walking straight.

    kathy c
  10. tansy

    tansy New Member

    I take ambien and although it only gives me a little sleep it works better than anything else I've tried.

    One night I took two by mistake, forgot I'd taken first, you know how it goes. Well I felt really bad, no hallucinations but it did make me appreciate how strong this med is.

    Sorry this happened to you. But I bet like me you won't take a double dose again, well not intentionally anyway.


  11. fibrodan

    fibrodan New Member

    Hi, Judy. The Neurontin alone doesn't work. I need the combonation. I just have really bad insomnia. I don't know if it's psychological or medical. Just wish I could have a regular night's sleep some day.

  12. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    What would happen is I was ready to go to sleep but my husband would start talking. We would have a long conversation or even well (sex) and I would remember nothing. I was also apparently very uninhibited and it changed my personality. When I would just watch TV or sew or something, that never happened. Weird--how the brain works. Needless to say, I absolutely did go right to sleep after taking the Ambien after we realized that the first couple of times it wasn't a fluke but a true side-effect for me. Now, for some reason, even 20 mg of Ambien does not make me sleepy. It can have the opposite. Again--don't know why--the brain is odd.

    I may have shared too much but thought it was important. If I had your e-mail, I would have shared the more private info there, but I don't. It may be important for you to know what side effects this med may have for you. It is actually, medically under the category or sleep aid/hypnosis. That is why one should always go to sleep right away.

    Lynda B.
  13. bluenoser100

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    OH fibrodan
    I have to reply and hope yoou see this. I take one 10 mg of ambien everynite for past 4 years. Amazingly so far jusst a few nites no sleep. I do really stupid things also. I wouldn;t believe my family the things i said i saw and talking to things that wernt there. I take it because nothing ever has initialy knocked me out but ambien. It works for 2-3 hours sleep. Yes i danced with sunflowers in my carpet and painted my whole hands green nail polish not just finger nails lol. The family has video taped me on several occasions and i was horrified at my actions! It is classed as a hypnotic drug that works quickly you are surpossed to go right away to lay down but i apperantly don't . Also i have no rememberancec of after it at all. I have fallen into walls and down stairs PLEASE USE eXTREME CAUTION< Barb
  14. fibrodan

    fibrodan New Member

    So glad to hear that I'm not the only one.

    How do I share my email address with someone on the messge board without broadcasting it to everyone? Not that I don't want to hear from anyone else, it's just that you never know who's lurking. I would like to correspond with those who request to talk with me on the side.

  15. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    ...bothered me in years. I think it is truly an exception and I have never had anyone contact me.

    Mikie suggested we could put our personal e-mail up for someone or certain people and then go back and delete it later. I think there is a certain amount of time you have to delete it but I can't remember what it is. I just did that recently.

    Lynda B.
  16. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    Just got ambien but I kept putting it off fearing I'd get hooked on it - now I'm not too sure I even want to try it. I have some nights I can't sleep but it's not every night so I can live with that. Plus I take Neurontin & Klonopin before bed so I can imagine how all that together would give you side-effects.

    BTW: if you don't want to use your real e-mail address here, get a separate one on yahoo or other free website - don't use your name as ID and if you get spam there is a way to tell yahoo you don't want anymore emails from that party. I use it for here or anywhere else I don't want to give out the address I normally use.

    Another tip for those who don't remember how many drugs they took - use a dispenser please. With my bad memory there is no way I'd be able to keep up with meds if I didn't use a daily dispenser so I know exactly what I've taken so far that day plus I write down meds as I take them because my schedule is so screwy it's not the same every day.

    Hope that helps.
    Blessings to all for a peaceful day and a restful night.
  17. hazygal

    hazygal New Member

    I had earplugs in, (hubby snores) and believe it or not, I heard this evil sound... Sort of like a hormonious low choir, that they were doing. Well I thought that sounds like heavy metal, and the people next door were probably having a teenage party or something... I take out my earplugs and open my bedroom window to hear it... It was completely silent outside except for a bird that chirped! I thought, "that is strange, they must've turned it off just before I opened the window." I lay back in bed, and put those earplugs back into my ear and heard it again, even stronger! I tell you it was the most evil sound i've ever heard, I can only describe it as a chanting. It sounded like they were saying words but I couldn't understand them. It was sooooo bizarre! After ambien... First time i've ever heard it or anything.....
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