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    I have Fibromyalgia, I currently take cymbalta and lyrica and it works wonders, but in the mornings i have been having stiffness and pain in my hands and feet. it takes 20 to 30 mins to get them moving. I am looking into acupuncture, but was hoping someone here could help with any other ideas. I dont like taking narcotics for pain. I try to limit the amount of meds i take.
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    I have stiffness in my feet but I'm much older than you I'm sure....I deal with advancing arthritis and I know that is my issue there....I'm very stiff in the morning after being in a prone position for hours, many many are stiff in the mornings....

    I don't know how old you are and if it could be arthritis or maybe it's a side effect from the meds, don't know...I've never taken them as I don't like the meds and use all supps and advil and 1/2 hydrocodone and some other supps for pain.

    I take a lot of stuff but stay away from pharma drugs as best I can...take a few, wish I didn't but it's what it is on that one. Stretching everything out helps it all.
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    Im 42, and feel much older. i only started taking meds 2 yrs ago when i hurt all the time and was having a hard time working. they have hurt for more than a yr, but the last month have increased in pain to the point i hate the waking up process.
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    You mentioned acupuncture, and I like that protocol a lot.. I did a lot last year and some off and on this year but stopped the end of Sept and will start up again next Tuesday. My rheumy who is integrative offers alternative protocols to drugs, she does not believe in the drugs... She always says. when patients find her, they have exhausted the conventional approaches....she's right. One has to do acupuncture on going and again depending on the condition, how chronic, etc. She also treats with Prolotherapy which is also a very valid approach to pain and healing. I've done it over the years, helped a lot in some areas and not so much in others....

    Quite a few in this forum have taken the 2 drugs you mention and maybe some are still taking them...I've heard their stories over the years. good luck. You are too young to be in so much pain.
    All my issues got SO MUCH worse from a hip replacement 3 yrs ago, I'm 75.

    A former neighbor dealt with FM and she did a lot of Prolo and we talked about how good she felt with it. It's not covered by insurance SADLY.....it can work for many...
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    My insurance covers acupunture so im hoping it will give me some relief. I have tried to be very proactive in my pain relief, but sometimes its so hard. I hide alot of times Im in pain from family because i cant let it cause me to miss out on things with my grandson.
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    You're so young to have all of this. I tried acupuncture last year, about l7 visits, 3 times a week. At first it seemed to help me but had to quit when insurance changed. I also have neck and back problems and she tried to help the stiffness in my shoulders and neck. One time it was good the next time no help, so I would say try it since your insurance is covering it. And good luck.
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    I first got FM at 45, 20 years ago. Hands and feet were the most disabling of symptoms. Stiff ankles caused me to fall over and walk with difficulty. In the morning my hands felt like boxing gloves and were extremely hot. I was prescribed amitryptiline and it helped generally but actually made the symptoms of the hands and feet worse. I had a course of acupuncture, about 20 sessions, but with little help. (Don't let me put you off though because we have patients who were helped by acupuncture).

    After 12 years of it this is what stopped most of the painful, stiff hands and feet:

    magnesium citrate 400mg daily
    vitamin B12 sublingual 1000mcg daily
    niacin slow release 100mg-200mg daily
    vitamin D3 5000IU daily.

    I stopped taking all medication.

    In addition I started exercise which included exercises for my low back knees and ankles, as well as neck, shoulder elbows and wrists. I do believe the exercises were important.

    It took about one month to have full effect.
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    I do exercise. about 45 mins 5 days a week. I also take, Vitim D, C, Magnesium. I do see that they help. I just get so fustrated that I cant go 1 day without pain. I have been diganosed since i was about 32, but didnt start meds till I could no longer deal with the pain.
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    jasgal, I have been taking higher doses of MSM powder daily for several years....and I know it does reduce the pain level....I know when there is a flair going on but I deal with it.....

    Do gentle exercise, I was exercise queen all my life until the FM hit me at 61 and things went downhill and more after hip replacement, as I see it, a major physical and emotional trauma.

    I'm in chronic pain, but manage what I do, which isn't much anymore. jam
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    @IanH -- Weren't you also taking mitochondrial supplements, or did you add them in later? Thanks in advance,

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    Yes I was but I added the other items a little later. Also the mitochondrial regime was more to improve energy profile more than pain. Of course they do go together.
    I still take the mitochondrial regime as well as the above but in cut down version as below:

    vitamin B12 1000ug once every two days (had my B12 blood levels tested recently and they are very high)
    mthf 800ug three times a week
    acetyl carnitine 500mg daily
    creatine 200mg daily
    CoQ10 200mg daily
    PQQ 20mg once every two days
    B6 50mg daily
    B1 100mg daily
    Ribose (10 gm daily on my breakfast)

    I also take DHA 800mg daily and EPA 800 mg daily.

    However painful hands are still with me as is nausea and vertigo after exercise but all much more tolerable.
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    So I could'nt handle the hand and feet pain anymore and went to see an RA doctor. He ran a bunch of blood work and so far called and said i have barley any Vit D levels. i am now on a 12 week treatment. I'm seeing him on Jan 10th for the rest of my test results. To top it off my mom passed away and emotions are high.
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    My niece, who is 52, has all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, and yet is not diagnosed yet. She has exhausted the list of specialists available of one kind or another, and as yet, no clear diagnosis has been made. She has all of the symptoms I read here, at one time or another and her once-intensely active life has become a litany of managing pain. One of her 'new' symptom is contantly trembling hands. She has had Reynauds for many years, but now her hands also tremble. That's something I haven't read on this forum. Is that something any of you know anything about?
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    I wear hand splints to stop my hands turning claw-like during the night and wear them daytime when I am bad with pain.I had to have rings cut off years ago so never wear any now.
    My feet BURN all the time and I have not worn anything on my feet for years (maybe socks in winter if is really cold.
    Last few months my feet are so painful esp when I get up and my ankles seem to LOCK and I almost fall over with the pain.I went to docs............
    She said.....my feet are bad because I am barefoot all the time!!!!!!

    What rubbish!No understanding of fibro at all!!! grrrrrrrrrr
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    I never go barefoot, only in and out of shower....I NEED good foot support, we all do.

    Lately, I'm using Vicks vapoRub on my feet at night and apply 2 times during the day and keep socks on all the time, to sleep etc....this good ole vicks helps. Vicks has only been around for 100 yrs and has so many uses.