Hand pain at night

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    I haven't checked the board in awhile, so I'm not sure if this has been covered. I wake up at night with both hands hurting. They feel like they are swollen and I can hardly make a fist. Is this carpal tunnel? I used to just wake up with them numb. During the day, it's not so bad, just at night. The only activities that I do that I think might cause this is the computer and cocheting. I don't do either for very long periods at a time. Anyone else have this problem?
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    I have lots of problems with my hands and wrists. I am losing some of my muscles in my dominant hand too but that's unusual in these DDS.

    I went to a hand clinic in the UK where I was fitted with specially made wrist/hand splints for use overnight. They're very lightweight, a fine solid open mesh that was moulded to the right shape. I use them when things are already deteriorating and they seem to help a lot.

    I can't crochet but using the computer keyboard does make them worse. You need to find the right position for your keyboard and make sure you are sitting correctly. Also follow the general advice for anyone using a computer. Just work for a while then rest them and move everything about for a bit, ie wriggle and stretch fingers, move the wrist joints around. Relax, move , and stretch the arm and shoulder muscles.

    Hope this helps



    PS one specialist in the UK said people with CFS are more prone to repetitive strain injury, R.S.I. so might be worth checking that out.
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    I would wake up with very painful swollen hands, most swollen on the top. I finally discoverd I was curling my hands up under me and sleeping on them ! No wonder they swelling and hurt.I was cutting off the circulation. I could not seem to stop it. My only solution was to get some cheap hand/wrist braces like they use for carpel tunnel and sleep in them. After about 6 weeks it seems the braces trained my hands to be open at night and I don't wear them very often now. I have an occasional relapse and wear them a few nights every now and then.
    Good luck!
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    Hi Reva!
    I was just browsing through the posts and yours sure got my attention. For the last week or so my left hand has really been bugging me. My fingers are swollen and can't seem to make much of a fist either. It really upsets since it's hard to do things that I need to get done around the house and the sharp pains when I grab something the "wrong" way can make a person say some nasty words. I also like to crochet but have put my afghan aside the last couple of months hoping this would get better.

    It seems like this fibro stuff just likes to move around and sneak up on a person. I get so tired of one body part after another just hurting and making me cranky.

    I'm trying cold and warm therapy to see if that makes any difference on my old achy hands.

    (((hugs))) and laughter to you---I send laughter because it is a great lubricant for the soul. :) lynnkat
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    Hi, Reva----I have the same trouble; I wake up at night both with numbness in my hands, and painful swollen hands (my rings are tight after sleeping----during the day, they almost fall off!) In my case, at least, it is NOT carpal tunnel; just had a complete EMG of arms & hands, no carpal tunnel detected. I DID find out I had pinched nerves in both elbows which can definitely affect the hands, however, I think mine is FM related. My feet are often painful, too....

    Hope you feel better!

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    My hands react like yours when I try to do some artwork. I can barely hold a pen to write anymore, typing is much easier. After doing artwork (or sometimes nothing at all) I will wake to very painful/numb hands in the middle of the night, or sometimes my entire arm will be numb. Sometimes my left hand or thumb will begin to ache, out of the blue, and it is a very distracting pain, not something you can sort of ignore and move on, then in a hour or so my hand will swell up like a balloon and continue to ache until it feels like stopping.