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    I know I post alot of different things but this one is scaring me to death. I am having terrible hand tremors but my hands aren't shaking...sounds crazy i know. But i feel like i'm holding a high voltage wire....they are trembling inside. It stops when i move them. Also i'm having sever head/neck jerks/twitches. Does anyone else have this?
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    Please consider borrelia burdorferi infection (lyme)as a cause of your symptoms.

    Some of the most frequent symptoms are fatigue, pain syndromes, insomnia, muscle twitches, jerking muscular movements and feelings of electrical shocks or buzzing sensations.

    It is very common for people with CFS or FM to later find out that the CAUSE of that syndrome of symptoms is a chronic borrelia infection.

    That is exactly what happened to me.

    Please read the symptom checklist in the back of this very good booklet......


    Please feel free to leave posts for me on the lyme board. I would be very happy to direct you to more information and help you in any way.
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    I have them too, except my hands generally only shake when I move them, like reaching out or writing, etc, except for a few fingers on the right hand that shake constantly, slowly like a pendulum!
    Mine is related to something different-- have you been checked for other things?
    Are you on any meds or possibly have any neck/spinal issues? That could be a culprit.

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    Whenever I write, especially if I try to write small,, like on a return address on an envelope,,, I have a hard time controlling my writing,,I tend to make a mess, and can hardly read it.
    Somedays I can't write at all. I use to have nice handwriting,, but not anymore,, if I have to write a lot, my writing is so different all the way through. Not at all uniform.
    I even have trouble typing,, have to type so slow.
    I"ve never mentioned it to the dr.,, there's just no use. Everything kind of problem I have is always because of fibromyalgia,,, so he says.
    Maybe thats another issue with us fibromites, I don't know...
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    If your Dr assumes that everything is fibro related, you need a new Dr....yes there are many many symptoms that do come from fibro and it's very possible that all of your are fibro....but there are also so many other, serious issues that can cause some of the same symptoms and it is malpractice not to make sure that you don't have something else going on.....having fibro does not suddenly make you immune from getting anything else, so if a symptom is serious and other issues have not been ruled out, it is very bad to assume it's from fibro

    Would Drs make this assumption with most other diagnoses?!.....in other words if you were a cardiac patient and started showing signs of asthma, would a Dr would say "well, heart issues cause trouble breathing, so there is no way that you have asthma - it must be the heart"....no, of course not!!! the Dr would want to rule out asthma and any other illness that could cause trouble breathing. Yet Drs get away with doing this with Fibro and CFS all the time.

    This is actually one of the reasons that I am switching Drs. Mine not only assumes that everything is another CSF or Fibro symptom, but she also seems to assume that the CFS is in my head....oddly she seems to believe in the Fibro DX more than the CFS (even though the CFS is the one that effects me the most)

    Oh, and I definitely get the tremors, too.....I have researched enough other pos causes to pretty much rule them out for myself, so I am reasonably sure that mine are, in fact, from the fibro, but just assuming such a thing is not a good idea
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