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    I have Fibro. I have every ache and pain there is. I am suppose to go for blood work because they think i might have ms. Holding off on it though cause i doubt it. I have in the last 6 months though have daily twitches in my thumb area and the finger next to it. You can see the finger moving back and forth and the muscle moving up and down. I also have sharp pains in my head the doc believes this is all due to the fibro. Also when this happens i usually have this burning up the bottom of my spine. The eye twitches have been bothering here in the last couple of days to. I believe most of this is due to the weather change, i can predict rain in 2 days prior. I believe the barometeric pressure has something to do with this. We live in the midwest. I was horrible yesterday and i guess they are calling for thunderstorms tomorrow. Does the weather effect anyone else with these symptoms and i am also curious if the weather effects people with ms or lupus. thanks for your help. any advice would be appreciated.
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    twitches in all my fingers on both hands. I can't remember what the neurologist called it??? But they twitch, not tremor.
    I get the eye twitches too & head pains. I ger really bad paresthesias (twitching, burning, stabbing, crawling sensation over skin) in my outer extremities :( Drives me nuts :(
    Coupled with the visual problems I have I was sure that I had ms, but my MRI came back negative for it (No lessions or signs of demylination.)
    Weather is effecting me this year, I cannot tollerate any heat, I think that weather effects alot of us with cfs/fms.
    Over 35oC & I can barely move I ache so much :(

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    I have a lot of twitches all over my body-- has always been a part of FM for me. But I have particular problems with my toes-----just like what you describe & can see in your fingers. My big toes & little toes particularly twitch, visably. I tend to wear socks all the time rather than ever go barefoot, I guess because it just feels better that way. You should try to have MS/lupus eliminated if it is a concern, but these twitches do seem to be a part of FM for a large subset of us......I had all those things, plus lyme disease. parkinson's, etc. ruled out early on when I was having all these neurological symptoms. And what Lease described, tingling, and that sensation of bugs crawling on your skin.....

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    I also twitch all over most days. Sometimes a hot spot develops and it will go for hours/days/weeks/months. I hate it. They are called fasciculations. Ours are "benign." I've had tests to rule out ALS done due to the twitches, etc. My EMGs have always been fine. I have not found a medication which truly helps them. Hope this helps. You are not alone!