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    Hello all. Does anyone know if you have to be on disability in order to get a handicap parking permit? I do not go to the stores a whole lot, my DH does most of it, but when I do go, I can barely make it to the front door. I just can't walk far at all due to FM, back issues/legs, emphysema. I want to mention this to my PC on Monday, but I don't want to sound like a fool, LOL.


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    It's a form the doc has to fill out, it's very short. He just has to write what your problems are and sign it. I can't remember if you have to be on disability for it, but I don't think so.
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    You don't have to be on disability. Explain to your doctor what you wrote here, and hopefully he will fill out the form for you.

    In California you can download the form from the DMV website. So you might want to see if you can get the form to bring to your doctor when you talk to him.

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    I'm in Pennsylvania. I called the DMV in PA and got the application for the handicapped parking placard. I took it to my doctor and he filled it out and signed it during my visit. I sent it back to the DMV. Had my placard in a few weeks. I was not on disability.

    Good luck to you.

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    You can call up DMV and have them mail you the paper work and take it to your doctor for him to fill out and mail it back to DMV, or go to your township for the paperwork but that one is just for short time disability parking. Did you look online maybe you could go to DMV and print out the paperwork that you need. Hugs Peggy
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    In addition to the parking placard, you can also get a handicapped licence plate for the vehicle that you drive or ride in the most. It's very helpful when some people do wonder if you've borrowed the placard from someone else and don't really need it. This may not seem important to some but I do like mine. The cost is the same as a regular licence plate. GB66
  7. I just asked my dr and took in the application then after she signed it. I am not on disability but have trouble walking and it saves me. I need a cart to help walk also. Although with the baby boomers there is a hard time finding a handicap spot now to park.
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    thank you so much. At least now I know where to begin....the DMV. I wish I had a printer, cuz i go to the doctor on Monday. But I'll have my sis print it from work and then take it back to my dr. THANKS SO MUCH ALL!!!!