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    Has this happened to anyone? My Dr did give me a handicap parking sticker, and the other day an older woman started screaming at me for parking in the handicap space, because i was walking so well. When i go shopping I may start out walking well, but by the time i finish , usually my knees and back are about to go out, ever since then I haven't gone out. She had upset me so much. I shouldn't have to explain myself when I go out.
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    Don't let it bother you. I've had the same thing happen to me lot's of times. At first, it did bother me, but I've come to realize that's the problem with this dd. You don't always look like it on the outside, but there is a reason the doctor gave you the sticker, so don't feel bad to use it. I was at a race track once and there was an elevator for handicapped people only. Most people were in a wheelchair or had other obvious problems. The lady next to me in line was young,looked fit and healthy. We smiled at each other and she whispered over to me that she had asthma very bad and couldn't climb to many stairs. I told her she didn't need to explain why she was there. There's a lot of us that have problems that don't show on the outside. Please, don't let it bother you.
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    I had a bumper sticker made for my car that says, "Not all Disabilities are Visible" for that very reason.

    If someone were to still say something, I might just point to the sticker, or depedning on who it was, how I felt at the time, and how angry (vs receptive) the other person was I might actually say somethign to the effect of, "It is wonderful that you care about the disabled being able to get their parking spots; however, not all disabilities are visible and you are actually yelling at one of the very people you seem so intent on protecting." Of course, I have also seen a shirt that says (TO people who say, "you don't look disabled/sick"), "and you don't look stupid/ignorant"....or for that matter, you could change it to "& you don't look like a Dr". While those comments would also work in such a situation, I kinda don't think it would prove esp helpful (though it might make you feel better!). Or you could simply say, "Funny, but my DOCTOR seems to believe that I do need this parking spot."

    Also, on Phoenix Rising, a few of us have come up with a brochure to give out that very succinctly explains CFS (sorry if you have FM, it doesn't help - we were trying to keep it very short). We came up with it for situations like these and others where people just don't get it.....or even where they want to understand but aren't going to read a lot of material. We are working on getting a website made where people can go and print off copies of this. When that is done, then anyone here who wants to can make copies. ( I also hope to be able to put some in places like libraries and other public places to spread awareness.)

    And, yes ignoring the person is also an option, but if it's all at possible to help spread awareness, I think that encounters like these can be good IN A WAY.
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    I would love one of those bumper stickers! I'm not usually that good or quick with a comeback.
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    Don't let these folks bother you(altho my blood has boiled). I have had them yell,honk the whole thing even with my placard hanging from the mirror AND I have a visible handicapp!

    What bothers me is the jerks who use it and if you say anything they yell back that thier just running into the store real quick and why should 'we' get all the close spaces!
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    This is the site I used to make the stickers.......https://www.makestickers.com/home.asp.

    There are other places that will make them, too, but I know for sure that this one made decent quality, relatively inexpensive stickers that last.

    I would absolutely avoid Zazzel, though, if you do look at other companies. I ordered shirts from them before and they left one out of the order, were very rude when I contacted them about it, and it took a very long time and a lot of emails to finally get them to agree to send the shirt that I had already paid for. Then they still didn't send it....contacted them again, finally received the shirt after 6 weeks, and the quality was so bad I literally could only wear it once. And I am not the only one who has had issues with them. Recently a friend also had problems with them, too.
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    I have had this happen to me too. Once, when getting back into my van, two women across the parking space from me were whispering to each other and stood glaring at me with their arms folded. (I had a placard and a handicapped tag.) I guess I was supposed to be intimidated. LOL

    I wanted so much to say something to them but I know from experience that if I get too upset, even when justified, I will be the one to get sick. So I just had to let it go and stare back at them for a minute, then leave. I would have LOVED to tell them what was on my mind! But, for my own sake, I didn't. Getting too upset always raises my B/P and gives me a bad headache. Those ignorant people are so not worth that. Compassion is not in their vocabulary. Their loss. GB66