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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by zielskawoman, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. zielskawoman

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    I work for the local community college and this morning I parked in one of the handicapped parking spaces close to the front door. While I was working at the front desk a student came up with a smirk and said "Yeh, I liked how you parked in the handicapped parking this morning". I told him I was handicapped and explained that I had fibromyalgia that effects my muscles. He was rather embarrassed (as he should be) and said he didn't see my handicapped placard -hopefully this will teach him not to open his mouth again. Again, the same old thing about looking fine and hurting inside. Just had to vent!! Thanks for listening.

  2. lvjesus

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    Hopefully he was just joking around and did not mean anything by what he said since he had the good grace to be embarrassed by what you said.

  3. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    at least this guy was embarrased,the last man to do this to me brazened it out and even tried to slate me to my hubby!
    along the lines of 'women' hubby didnt let him get away with it but i was furious!
  4. Rose_Red

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    In NJ, PA and FL you can pick up the application form where you get your liscence plates. Then you take it to your doc. PCP or Rheumy - I don't think it matters.

    In NJ and PA I had gotten it because of the 'cannot walk moe than 200 yards without stopping'. The fluid sack that's supposed to live under my knee car let loose and floats around to the back of my knee. Talk about painful!

    Anyway, FL no longer offers that option. they've given out to many placards for it.

    I know exactly what you guys mean about the looking fine. I had a handicapped PLATE on my sports car in PA. You guys should've seen the looks I got when I parked. Late 20's getting out of a camaro with a wheelchair on the plate.

    I'll use my placard from NJ until it expires. Maybe by then I won't need it anymore! (I'm trying to be optimystic here)

  5. chopperdoctor206

    chopperdoctor206 New Member

    I to not only have a placard but I also have plates. I am 40 years old and to look at me I look to be in perfect health. I guess that is why I am working on Volume 5 of my Veteran Affairs Medical Records. On a good day I will park in another spot but I will park in the blue zone when I am not able to walk that far or am not feel good. One day I had 2 elderly women that were parked next to me in a regular parking spot chase after me. They were telling me that they were going to call the parking security because I was abusing the "parking privilage" and someone so young should not take a space that might be needed for someone who was really handicapped. By the time I made it in to store and was getting ready to get on the electric cart, I was so mad I could no longer hold my tongue. I told them I might LOOK fine but I am very sick and I proceeded to tell them everything that was wrong with me and even got out my "MED ALERT LIST" and handed it to one of the women. I told them today is a fairly good day and I did not need the added stress of some one chewing me out because I don't look sick. I also told them if they kept "harassing" ME. I would call the cops and have them ticked for "harassing a disabled person". At that point, I had made quite a scene and the 2 women were very embarassed and I was escorted by one of the store clerks to help me so I would not have to do anything but "shop". They even took me out to my truck and loaded my purchases. I can't tell you how many looks or "under the breath" comments I have had because of my health. Sometimes I just what to tell them to come walk in my shoes for a mile and then tell me that you don't feel lucky not to have all the monsters I have to carry around.

    Update-I was parked in a rest stop on my way to Ohio and two men that were standing across the way said loudly enough for me to hear, "Isn't is amazing 2 trucks and 2 brand new motorcycles and they both have handicapped plates." The motorcycles are 250 Ninjas that are very light. I used to ride a HD Sportster Hugger that was all tricked out for several years. I had to sell it because it became to "heavy" for me to handle. So I had to settle for a lighter bike. I not only not want to ruin HD but I was not to crazy about having an accident because I lost control. When I am feeling good I love to go riding. With the new bike it is easier for me to handle and I don't have to worry about "dumping" me or the bike. The bike are 2004 and I have less than a 1,000 miles on it. I just sometimes get so agrivated with the ignorance of people in general it is getting harder to hold my tongue. My life has turned 180 degrees and I am still trying to cope with all the changes. The last thing I really need is MORE STRESS.
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  6. zielskawoman

    zielskawoman New Member

    In Indiana the license branch has forms to be completed by your doctor. My family doctor completed it for me and I didn't have any problems getting the placard. Sometimes I feel better and don't use it but if I have to park and walk a long distance I don't hesitate to use it.
  7. dhcpolwnk

    dhcpolwnk New Member

    I have both multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, though the fibro was diagnosed much more recently than the MS.

    Early on in my MS, my symptoms were invisible, and I occasionally got nasty comments if I parked in a handicapped spot (which I did only when I was having a bad day). Before I started using a cane, one man yelled at me as I staggered to my car, "You're drunk!" That's actually what convinced me to start using the cane when I went out into the community. That and a very real possibility of falling."

    Anyway, I once challenged (respectfully) a man who parked a fancy sports car in a handicapped spot. His rather nasty response? "I believe in equal treatment for the handicapped, not special privileges." He then asked me to remove my hand from his precious car, as I was leaning on it for support, since I wasn't using my cane that day. I was dumfounded--and appalled--by his arrogance!

    Later, I came to appreciate people who challenged me (or my husband if he was driving me and got out of the car first) when we parked in handicapped spots. I realized that people like that really are helping to keep the cheaters at bay. Here in Los Angeles a couple of years ago, UCLA football players were caught paying off a doctor who was, in effect, selling them illegal authorizations for handicapped parking. The result of this incident was a strong effort to crack down on the cheaters. Unfortunately, though, sometimes those who are trying to crack down forget about people with invisible disabilities who really do need the special parking spots. I found that thanking the people who challenged me and showing them my parking placard and/or pointing out that I have a disability defused the situation without discouraging them from challenging people who may *really* be cheaters.

    Since I recently starting using a power wheelchair and a new side-ramp van, I have become aware of something else about handicapped parking. Here in California, at least, handicapped parking spots are often separated by a cross-hatched area for side-lifts or side ramps. The ramp extends on the passenger side, and from experience, I can tell you that if a car is parked too close to the line, it's sometimes impossible for me to get up the ramp even if we get the right parking spot.

    If handicapped spot with the cross-hatch on the passenger side taken by someone else, I have to try backing into the spot (not always an easy task) and/or find an area where I can park straddling two regular spaces (which I'm always afraid will get somebody angry with me). This can be very irritating when the spot I need is taken by someone in a car or rear lift van that could have used a different handicapped spot.

    When my husband is driving, he can pull out of a regular spot and extend the ramp, but if I'm alone, I'm stuck. I can't get out of the van if I can't extend the ramp or don't have enough clearance to get on and off the ramp. The small number of van-accessible handicapped spaces can significantly limit my ability to function independently in the community.

  8. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    He told me that the only exercise he recommends for me is walking and very mild Yoga, so a handicapp sticker is not in order. He's such a sweetheart!! (not really)

  9. JLH

    JLH New Member

    My doctor has also told me that people with fibro NEED the exercise and walking was perfect for it; therefore, there is no need for a handicapped parking.

    He said if I had a problem with breathing it would be a different situation.
  10. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I see that all the time, a Car, parked in a Blue Space, that say's VAN ACESS. I never park there, because I know how hard it is to get a Chair out of the rig, if it's to close to another.

    I had to consider, tho, that maybe when the driver arrived there, it might have been the Only place to park.
    It's amazing how many Blue Parking Spots there are, and How Many, have Plaques or Plates, for them.

    If the DH is with me, I have him drop me off, and then pick me up when we are through shopping.
    When I go by mysefl tho, I get as close as I can, lol.

    Another thing that Bugs me is when some smartguy, is sitting in the spot, with not tag's or anything, with the motor running, while someone is shopping.
    I complained at Alberson's one day about this, and they told me, to Block the car, next time, with mine and then call the Police.
    Yeah right.

    At Stater Bro.s I fog-got to put mine up, because the DH, always moves it when he drives.
    When I came out someone was complaining about me, to the Security officer, he told them, that I was a Reg. Shopper, and knew that I had the Blue Plaque.
    He also, said, that it was up to the Property Owner to call the police, not up to the other Disabled person.

    I now shop at Stater's, lol, lol.
    They have better Roasted Chicken anyway.

    Boy am I gabby today, hmm? ;o)
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  11. My rheumie won't give me a handicap sticker. Idiot!
    There aren't many rheumies that treat fibro here, let alone rheumies. I think I am going to have my family dr. treat me from now on as it is double to go to him anyway. Luckily when my husband is driving he drops me off at the door. But there are times it does me in to shop. I have to have a cart to hold onto right away . My problem is I am overweight and if I had a handicap sticker I would really get the nasty jeers.
  12. jana15

    jana15 New Member

    I reluctantly accepted my Dr's advice to start using a Disabled sticker after I'd become pretty much housebound. She wanted me driving as much as I could (On good days of course) and not exacerbating the CFS) with having to walk too far and of course my problem of forgetting where I park!

    Here in Canberra (Australia) people seem pretty clued up about hidden disabilities but the government also allows stickered cars to park for up to four hours in any parking bay at no cost. I find that this is usually all I need as I can park in a 1/4 hour park close to a shop enterance and do everything I ned to do.

    I am not so lucky when we venture outside Canberra. My HUsband and I went to Queensland a few months ago on holiday and parked in a disabled bay. I was in agony from the trip and needed to have a script for Tramadol filled at the pharmacy. I waited in the car whilst Hubby went in and whilst he was away a particularly nasty chap came up and abused me through the window, screaming that it wasn't a drop off/pick up bay. I calmly pointed to the sticker but he wasn't satisfied with that and waited until my husband returned so he could have another go. Unbeknowns to the man, an off duty police officer was in the chemist and heard what was going on. He followed hubby out and threatened to book the nasty man if he didn't move on. Hubby was furious with the chap but chuffed the police officer was there and releived he hadn't used any socially unacceptable language to tell the chap what he thought. I on the other hand, was just simply relieved to have the Tramadol!

    Cheers Jana
  13. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    It is amazing to read of all these situations .. my DH requested a permit from our family doctor ( he is a vet and has a number of problems .. ) BUT .. he asked on my behalf ( I just wouldn't think of doing it .. due to that "I look like nothing is wrong with me guilt thing" .. I think it was because of the sudden pain attacks I was having during those early times ..it was horrific .. I'm not one to cry .. may be once a year ? haha ... but by the time I managed to get to the car with help from DH .. I broke down .. shocking both of us .. so the upshot was that he never wants to see me suffer to the vehical like that again .. the funny thing is I never put it in my car, the rare times I go out by myself .. we leave it in his truck because we usually go out as a support team for each other .. my family doctor was great though .. no problem what so ever .. so I feel for you guys that have idiots for doctors .. hang in there !
  14. kim840

    kim840 New Member

    I live in Phoenix, AZ. I asked my primary care doc for the paperwork and he said he only gives it to the "really" handicapped people. And he's the one that diagnosed me and has been very sympathetic and wonderful. Go figure. At that time it was all I could do to walk into a store and then shop without dropping. I'm doing better now.

    I then asked my rheumy and he gave it to me straight away. Here in AZ you get the paperwork from your doc and present it to the DMV. I got a 5 year placard and it is time to renew. I am going to renew just so I have it.

    I have never had anyone challenge me and have received few dirty looks. I look perfectly fine on the outside as so many others.

    However, there was one incident.....I take my placard with me when I drive with other people so that we can park in a spot if I need it. One day I was with my daugher-in-law. She is the last person in the world to want to be in conflict with anyone. Well, we were leaving the mall and she was loading the car while I was ambling my way out to the car with my grandson. A man yelled at her. I felt so sorry for her. She was mortified. I so wish I had been there!!

    I see more and more people parking in the spaces that look perfectly fine, yet have placards. I believe that there needs to be MORE spaces for all of us. I hate the thought that I may be taking a spot from someone like my parents, who suffer so much more than I do with "life threatening" issues.

    Bottom line, WE NEED MORE SPACES!! We are the baby boomers and there are many, many more of us now with health issues.

    I don't know what I will say to someone if they challenge me. I'll just have to wait and see.

    Always Hopeful,
  15. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    And I USE it! Often when I get to a store..I walk fine. I am sure that I have gotten odd looks, but honestly I dont' pay any attention! But, leaving a store..any store..even after short periods of time..my walk has changed..and often I have to just sit and rest before I can even drive home!! So, although I too have that "embarassment' factor about being "handicapped". I KNOW that I could not shop or do many other things and then have to walk across a parking lot at the end of it all.
    So , I take the help I can get..and if it makes others behave rudely...that is THEIR problem..not mine.
  16. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    hi! can my doc. who diagnosed me or my family doc. who is treating me write me what ever one needs to get it? (handicapped parking placard) does the state have to ok it? sure would help! thanks-BLKKAT
    oops i guess i should of read everyones posts then i would'nt of had to ask this. sorry.[This Message was Edited on 09/25/2005]

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