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  1. LadyMT

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    I have alot of questions... sorry!

    I was wondering how difficult it is to get handicapped parking permits. Some days I feel fine and it's not a problem, but others... like today... I would like to be dropped off at the door!

    I am embarrased to ask my doctor about it. I guess I feel like I am being a whiner and making too much out of it. But actually, both my teenage kids asked me today if I could get one. (As I embarrased them been holding on to their elbows as I walked). :)



  2. dolsgirl

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    I have the same feeling. One day this week I was like an old lady and having so much trouble, then the next, I wouldn't have needed it. I did have to get dropped off at the door though to the drugstore that day. Many times I have to be dropped at the door. I'd like one of those ones that you can hang on your mirror, that way if you don't need it that day, you wouldn't have to use it. I'd rather walk if I can. dolsgirl
  3. LadyMT

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    If I can walk that's great! I usually take the stairs too if I can. But if I can't... that's when it would be nice. But then there would be those people who look at you and are thinking... "what is wrong with her?" Like today, I told my daughter I was having trouble walking and she told me she couldn't tell. Maybe I should become an actress! lol

  4. Susan07

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    Several years ago I asked my dr. what qualifies someone for a handicapped tag. He said, "you mean I haven't given you one?" He then asked if I needed a short term one or long, I said well I've had problems walking distances for ten years, so we went long term. He filled out a form I took to the license registration place. I got plates and the hanger. The hanger is for if someone else drives me, I keep it in my purse. I also gave my family very strong warnings not to ever park handicapped if I am not with them because you can lose the handicap status if you are not in the car if they check you out. I kind of doubt you would be checked since the police don't have status in a parking lot (learned that after my husband backed into a FedEx truck and they called the police to document). Anywho I don't ever want to take the chance of losing it because it has been wonderful. The other thing is I have now been "labeled" handicapped by dr. and DMV which may help if I ever need to claim disability.
  5. MemoryLane

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    In my state, Texas, you only need to attest to the fact that what you have disclosed is true, check which type you want (plate, plackard or one of each) and sign the form, which is downloadable from their website. The doctor checks off on the appropriate disability (long term or short term) and signs off on his part, it doesn't even require a diagnosis or any medical documentation to get the tags.

    Just tell your doctor that your family wants you to do this because they are concerned about your well being and safety and leave at that - you don't have to live or eat dinner with the guy. I'm sure he'll forget about it soon enough.

  6. emttoni

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    All I did was go to my dr and asked him for it. He had the form and everything. I told him I dont need it all the time but when I do need it I would almost kill to have it. It wasnt a problem at all, and I have only used it twice since getting it in this winter. ~ Toni
  7. Dara

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    pick up an application from the DMV, take it to my doctor to sign it, and then take it back to DMV. I know that each State does this differently, but in my state they give a hang card. You can either hang it from your rearview mirror or lay it on the dash. One thing to think about, the person at DMV advised me to "never" hang it on the rearview mirror because on one side of the card it has your drivers license number. He said they had problems with people writing down and using other's drivers license numbers for fraudulent activity. So, I always just lay mine on the dash. I try and use mine very sparingly. If there's a regular parking spot open I always take it before I look for the handicapped spots, except on those really bad days.

  8. LadyMT

    LadyMT New Member

    I asked the doc about it today and she gave me a permit. I got a temporary one that is good for 6 months. She said because if I do my exercising I will be fine in 6 months. Hope she's right! I don't plan to use it unless I really need to though. :) Wouldn't it be great if I didn't need it at all now?

  9. JLH

    JLH New Member

    would not sign for me one. He said that people with fibro needed exercise and should walk.

    So, I'm just out of luck. Especially since my Rhumey agreed with him!
  10. northlass

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    Hi Debbie. you dont say if your in the usa, but here in the uk. i got mine easy, got letter off doc and hey presto. only down side was piccy taken duh lol. but thats also one of my bugbears. abled bodied who PARK IN THEM heheheh makes me soo mad, and if you say something, most times you get verbal. so i have stopped saying anything to them , not worth the aggro. butt, got to be careful with this tho . shhhhh not to be seen, ... but my hubby made this
    Thankyou for parking in this disabled space
    depriving someone less fortunate than yourself of this small comfort
    no doubt you are too busy for such niceties
    perhaps one day you too will be unfortunate enough to be disabled and some inconsiderate arsehole will do the same to you
    perhaps on that day you will not be too busy to remember this little note

    do have a nice day

    and its that awful stuff thats hard to scrape off .

    erm this was the second attempt ,, geeesh you should have seen the first
    i said you cant write that you will end up in jail lol

    i hope this gave you all amuch need giggle lord knows we all need to laugh xxx sam
  11. Bobbette

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    Here in up state N.Y I asked my Dr. about a handicap parking permit and he asked me why, I told him some days I can walk back to my car and some days I can not, and I will not abuse this. He told me how. I got the form he filled it out and I went to city hall They looked at the form and filled out the sticker and handed it to me. I asked how to renew this and they said just bring in your drivers license they put the last 4 didgets of your license no need to have Dr. fill out a form again only if I have a permanent problem. And I do only use this when I am having a bad day. I could use this more than I do BUT! I feel there are other people worse than me and I will walk I few extra steps on my so so days. I was told one day at K-Mart Ahh do you know that is only for handicap parking? My husband said yes we do and my wifs has her sticker in the window ( rear view mirror) because of a bad back she can only walk so far. She said I am so sorry. there are people who park in these spaces and do not have a sticker. Also we are told not to hang the sticker in the window all the time because of theft. Good Luck Deb it is very easy if you have an understanding Dr. and proof.Soft Hugs Bunny
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  12. Applyn59

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    I think that's terrible. I got one when I had back
    surgery 12 years ago.

    Why don't you tell your dr that you would like to have
    it for times when you are flaring? Or that you know
    that you need to walk and that you do walk for
    exercise; however, when you are shopping by the
    time you are done you are so miserable that you
    can't walk another inch???? Just my thoughts.

    Good luck,
  13. LadyMT

    LadyMT New Member

    Apparently this hasn't been e-mailing me when I get a reply. :( Anyway, since I have gotten my permit I haven't even used it! Which is good I suppose. :)

    And Sam, the stickers your hubby made... I want some! lol

  14. LadyMT

    LadyMT New Member

    When I go to the larger stores like Sam's Club or Walmart it wears me out sometimes just to walk through the entire store. I have had my hubby drop me off at the door before. It is enough exercise just pushing a loaded cart through the store. Sometimes I find myself gripping the cart so hard my knuckles have turned white just because it's the only thing holding me up.

    Like I said before, since I got my permit a month ago I still have not used it. I always think it's not that bad. I can make it. And I know it IS good for me to walk. But I know that some day I will definitely need to use and be glad for it.

    Print these replies out and show your doctor.

  15. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member


    I use a shopping carriage in stores even if I don't
    need one just to hold me up!!! I need it for the support it provides.

  16. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    even if you don't use it much, it's a Blessing to have at times.
    I have had one for the last 3 year's, and I do have to use it, what Burns me up, is that there are so many people with the DPP,'s that there is no place to parek sometime's.

    I got a nice surprise this year, I had my New Plaque mailed to me by the DMV, so I don't have to go down and get one. Yeah!!!!!!

    Since my old one is still good, I leave that in my hubby's truck, so I don't forget it. I hate switching back and forth between rigs.

    Oh yeah, don't worry about the looks that you might get, I get them too, but I no longer Care, lol. I have earned my mine.