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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by zion1971, Jul 16, 2006.

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    how does everyone handle family visits? i really can't handle them. i feel horrible about this. i like being around family but i like for them to leave or i leave to go sleep in my own bed.

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    I think most people in chronic pain can understand where your coming from sweetie. you should'nt feel horrible about that because you sometimes tend to withdrawl from others when your ill and feel bad all the time. Love has nothing to do with it, you still love and care for your family alot but you need the visits to be shorter then they used to be.

    And i like to sleep in my own bed also. For one thing i don't sleep well at all in my own bed at home and if i try to stay over someones house i don't sleep at all. So i like staying home too as far as that goes.

    If a family member comes over and i'm in a flare up and at times you feel more comfortable laying down so i sit and visit as long as i can then if i need to lay down i do but my family understands though i'm blessed to have a good support system.

    And when i go to visit a family member (which i'm unable to get out often) i make sure its when i am able to drive myself that way if i start feeling worse i can leave when i choose. Take care .