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    CanBrits just posted a question concerning hand and wrist pain and the conduction tests.
    \What I want to know, is how many have this and what was done for you? It comes on during the night and I have sooo much pain, especially in the right arm from shoulder down. I can't get back to sleep ---I can't find anywhere to place my arm that doesn't give terrifric pain.

    It is now 11;45 a.m. amd the asleep feeling remains with not as much pain.

    i would like to hear what others have done for this, etc. i don't go to my PCP until Mar. 20 - a long way off.

    Please give me some feedback on this - please.

    Gentle Hugs

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    I have found that wearing wrist splints t night--the kind you can buy for carpal tunnel--helps.
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    more please
  4. lilaclover30

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    more please
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    When I first started getting sick, I was initially diagnosed with carpal tunnel. This kindof made sense, since I work on a computer all day. They sent me to a chiropractor for this (company paid for it), and I got the wrist splints to wear at night (also during the day for a while). The splints did seem to help, but then the pain started moving to my shoulder and back (at which point the chiropractor decided I must have something else going on).

    At any rate, it may help to know that it's probably just a temporary condition. I found that, when my hands and wrists woke me up at night, that running cold water over them (then taking some ibuprofen) seemed to help me get back to sleep.

    Hope this helps,

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    I am a medical transcriptionist and while I haven't officially been diagnosed with CTS I feel I probably have due to symptoms while working and driving.

    Here are a few things that may help but do call and check with your physician and/or his Nurse/PA first.

    *Hydrotherapy -- immerse your wrist in hot water for 3 minutes, then cold water for 3 minutes. This type of hydrotherapy (contrast hydrotherapy) increases circulation to the wrist. This feels wonderful!!!

    *Stretching -- your wrists and hands before work (or whatever you are doing which makes them hurt) may help prepare the carpal tunnel nerve for repetitive movements.

    *Consider retraining -- having your body in the correct posture and position and using equipment that is right for your strength and ability. This really helps!!!!

    Vitamin B6 which may help prevent or reduce carpal tunnel symptoms. Small studies have produced mixed results. I have not tried this but plan to...be sure to read the caution below >>>>>>>>

    >>>>>>>>>>>>High doses of vitamin B6 can cause nerve problems (neuropathy)-- Make sure you speak to your physician before using vitamin B6 supplements.

    Hope you feel better soon,

    Karen :)