Hands/Feet Hurt?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Didders, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. Didders

    Didders New Member

    Hi Kids!

    Anyone else have severe aches in their hands and feet? Even their arms, ankles, shins? I know I'm tightening up pretty bad at night. I wake up with super stiff hands and my feet are hyper-sensitive to walking on anything slightly rough like my patio.

    Fibro Doc referred me to a rheumy as the bones seem to be hurting. But I've had tests and MRI's over the years that show no sign of arthritis. Many of my fibro buddies have this problem too and no arthritis. Any one else here have this? It's getting bad and I need some advice before I see the new doc.

  2. happygranny

    happygranny Member

    I have pain in other parts of my body, and they can get very bad, especially my neck, shoulders and back, but the pain that is always there, constant, is in my hands and arms.

    sometimes it is worse than other times, and I am feeling more and more like there is arthritus in my joints, but the pain that is constant is a aching, burning feeling that never goes away.

    It also is in my feet and low legs. For a while it hurt to walk soemtimes, feeling like there were stones in my shoes, but seldom have that anymore.

    This probably doesn't make you feel any better, and I don;t have any advice, but at least you are not alone :)

  3. Didders

    Didders New Member

    Appreciate the reply! Have you ever been checked for arthritis? I'm 53...you? And does it affect your typing and holding stuff? My feet and lower legs geel like someone bashed me with a baseball bat!
  4. shalimac

    shalimac New Member


    My feet and ankles are the most painfull areas on my body. They constantly hurt; when I try to move my toes each and every one feels as if it is sprained; the tendon area just below the ankle feels like severe tendonitis; the soles feel swollen, burning, and a raw flesh type of pain. My ankles just feel like I immagine arthritis would feel ...but I've been tested for arthritis, and I do not have it...apparently it's part of the fibro. If I am on my feet too much, I pay for it for days...I'll bet that you do too. My M.D. had zero helpful advice; I have learned that I have to pace myself...do as much as I can when I'm up very quickly, and then get off of my feet for a couple of hours...repeat, repeat...until I limp so badly and walk so slowly I can't walk anymore.
    I really, really feel for you!!! Right now, I figure, if I can't beat it, I'll work with it.
    God Bless.
  5. shalimac

    shalimac New Member

  6. yes my hands and feet really are painful, today it's hard to type . My feet are really stiff in the morning and after sitting. I really can't be of any help, just know your not alone.
  7. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    I'm in the same situation as you, unfortunately. My FMS doctor tested me for arthritis, but it was negative. So it's the FMS causing the aches and pains. He did put me on a low dose of morphine, which is helping the worst pain, but I still have the aches and some pain.

    My worst area is my neck and right shoulder. I just started physical and occupational therapy last week and hope that it helps.

    I also have a hard time walking on hard surfaces. When I go for walks, I have to walk on grass as concrete or anything hard causes pain in my legs and hips.

  8. LakeErie

    LakeErie New Member

    I have had problems with hands and feet. Also shins and thigh on my left leg. Neurontin has been wonderful. The problem is for me over the last five years the pain eventually works it's way through the med and I have to up the dose, I'm now on the max. My next hope is waiting for Lyrica to be on the market.
  9. chp1298

    chp1298 New Member

    My wrists and elbows ache alot ,I sit at a computer all day. One of my ankles has been hurting a lot and I got an injection in it last week that has helped some.
  10. Flaxen

    Flaxen New Member

    My hands and feet(and ankles) always hurt...they get hot and red...the wrists hurt the most..the vicoprofen just makes me moody and nauseous..I think I'd rather have the pain..standard tests show nothing..I don't get it it.Going to see a R-Gist 10/24 and I don't know what other bloodwork they can do besides RA factor/ANA? i hope I get some answers.I've had a month long flare from who knows what!!!!! Flaxen.
  11. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    I've had that aching in my hands, feet, elbows. I've also had every test under the sun including a bone scan and the only arthritis they saw was mild in my neck.

    The rheumatologist said that because the muscles are attached to bones and joints, that's why the joint/bone will also be painful.

    I guess it makes sense.


  12. Didders

    Didders New Member

    You guys are the best...thanks so much for replying. I especially appreciate the idea of the muscles attached to the bones so of course they'll hurt. Now that makes sense! Neurontin is an idea as well...

    On the post about the vicoprofen...Nausea from the ibuprofen may be the problem. Try Norco. It's 10 mg of hydrocodone and a much lower dose of tylenol than regular V; 325 mg, as opposed to a Vicodin ES 7.5/750 combo per pill. Ibuprofen can really trash your stomach with regular use.

    Thanks again, y'all for caring. I saw a mountain of expensive tests that would say the same thing. No arther, as my old aunts used to call it.

    Take care and more comments welcome with lotsa hugs! Cinda

  13. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I take a hot water foot soak around every three days.
    It has helped me:
  14. angeleyes3815

    angeleyes3815 New Member

    I don't know about you but i have alot of burning in my feet. My hands hurt all the time but mostly in the early morning and late late at night.The burning is unbeliveable so i hope you don't have that. Don't know why but my Doc said it was the Fibro doing it. I hope it helped you.

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  15. vertiesmth

    vertiesmth New Member

  16. Didders

    Didders New Member

    Again, thanks for all the help. This hands/feet/shins/ankles/arms thing feels different from the general nasty aches I have all over. Since my pool cooled down, I'm going back to my PT. She'll know (for Dallas people Sante Rehap is fabulous!) what to do (warm water is the greatest, huh?). I'll take your posts for her review as she loves to learn all she can. When I have some answers - and hopefully some fixes - I'll post ASAP. Love you guys!!

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