Hands So Swollen In the Morning Lately

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Gezzzz It hasn't happened it awhile, but lately my hands are so swollen in the morning, I can hardly open them. It has happened in the past, then it stopped for a length of time. Now, for the last little while, bang...its back again. I use my other hand to open the other hand, its a horrible thing, just so swollen and full of pain. My body is so so stiff, and just having a hard time to change positions in the night time. This is a relapse all over again, with the exteme fatigue too. It usually starts with the hands and the feelings of malaise. Does anyone get this thing with the hands too, why does this happen, they are so sore and swollen...sharon5650
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    didn't show up with any until this last year. It's Osteo Arthritis with me. I didn't realize it was also crippling like Rheumatoid but it can be. My right hand is getting the brunt of it. The middle finger has also taken to "locking up" if I bend it
    completely shut (like to make a fist). I have to either use the left hand to open it or shake my hand to get it to let loose. It also swells, ALL the fingers do.

    I'd suggest getting tested for Arthritis if you haven't yet. There are other things that can cause swelling but FM isn't supposed to.
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