hands stiffness and tingling. Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rasyte, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. rasyte

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    How many of you have stiff hands all they long or most of the day rather then just in the morning? Beside the pain and other stuff I am suffering from stiff and painful hands? I go to the bathroom and keep them under hot water every hour or so? Tingling is also bad. I have to rub my hands so that tingling sensations would go away? What kind of medicine helped you with these symptoms if any? I am going to see my doc on Wednesday.
  2. Mrs. B

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    I had that problem for years and always thought I had bad arthritis. When finally tested though I found out it was just this DD. I use cockup wrist splints that have helped a lot. You can buy them at K-mart or anywhere for about $15.00 each. I started out wearing them all the time for about 30 days. (if you work it may be hard to write or type so just wear them at home & sleep in them) Now, I just wear them an hour or two a day and rarely have problems with my hands anymore. Hope this helps you too.

  3. EllenComstock

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    When it first started, I thought that either I had tarpal tunnel (had a job doing lots of typing back then) or arthritis. I was later diagnosed with FM in July 2002. Since then, the pain and stiffness are really getting bad. I am right handed so naturally the pain is worst in that hand. I try babying it, so then the left hand hurts since it is getting used more. I do worry about trying to work and do things at home.

  4. Susan07

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    I have pain and tingling, sometimes use a hand wrap at work to remind me not to put my wrist down.
  5. muffintin

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    I have the same problem with painful hands (particularly my fingers). Dr. diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, and also psoratic arthritis. She said that the PA probably was what was making my hands/fingers hurt. About 10 percent of people with psoriasis get arthritis....I didn't even have any psoriasis sores anywhere. Something to think about. I did buy a hot wax machine for my hands. It helps.
  6. ranger

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    When I first had it with FMS, I was wondering, 'Now what?', as it was a new one. I saw my doc and he did x-rays on my elbows to check for nerve entrapment. It was okay. He said he'd check for shoulder/neck nerve entrapment if the problem persisted. I haven't done that yet, as this summer has been crazy. It only bothers me half of the time. Computer work and typing make it worse. Oh well. What have I got left? Good luck with it.
    Ranger, a mom.
  7. rasyte

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    Thanks for support. I see that I am not alone with this problem at all. I will use your advises and try to get rid of pain (if I am lucky :) ... Thanks guys.
  8. tinker-belle

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    hi. i had that last year & it ended up being carpal tunnel syndrome. you should get it checked out.