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    All right, I recently posted about this horrible bout of IBS, which I am currently getting tests done with my doc. I have no idea if this is a coincidence but I seem to be getting a new symptom here perhaps related to the IBS (I am real dehydrated and perhaps malnutritioned at the moment) or symply a FMS thing. My hands are getting swollen in the fingers (usually this is a morning thing for me, now it is all the time), they are warm rather than cold, and they are patchy red and white sometimes. They feel strange and tingly and there is pain in the fingers and wrists. I have heard of something called Reynold's syndrome and wonder if that is what it is. What is up with this? I suspect I may be falling appart at the seams... I feel like Humpty Dumpty. (maybe some glue and duct tape is in order).
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    Sorry, don't have any answers but maybe someone will come along who does. Made me laugh, you feel like Humpty Dumpty, glue and duct tape on order. I always need a good laugh. I guess some days I too feel like old Humpty Dumpty, and sometimes feel like Jekyl and Hyde. Take care.
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    cold and painful. Can't get your hands cold or go into the fridge. Gary always wakes with swollen hands. I swell all over and get white spots places and some pupulish pink and numb sometimes with it but, my whole body mostly.

    ISB, Me to and having upper and lower scoping next month. That drink makes me vomit and get so sick, felt like I was going to die last time I had rto take it. The doc told me to take 2 compazine 30 mins before I start to drink the gal. They also told me to make it very cold and use a straw and could take 20 mins per glass to drink.

    Good luck, Kim