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    Well I went to the interview and it went well I did make any screw ups and after it was over she told me that she liked it that I had so much experience in the feild .
    I do have a question for you madwolf your the doctor so can you tell me is there a test for CMP? Is there something that shows up in a blood test? And how do you know if you have denenerative disc diease? I had a MRI six months ago and found out that I have two dics that are bulging and lately my back ( L4-5, S1) and my tailbone have really hurt all the time . And to just spice things up my knees feel like when I bend my knees I am grinding broken shards of glass into the knee joint. It hurts just below the knee cap I get this feeling that something is being pulled ripped and the I get the senation of my knee will not straightn or bend or hold my weight. I don't knwo what is going on except that I need a good body shop the paaarts I have now have all been recalled because they are defective and need to be replaced .So if you can find a good body shopp let me know I will jack up my glasses and they can replace the faulty parts LOL. Thanks for your help and support .Rosemarie
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    Your humor was a good boost for me this morning, a good bodyshop! We could all use one........

    Just replied to give you a bump up, you were falling to the bottom of the page!

    Shalom, Shirl