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    PTL January 28 will be my 2 year anniversary of quitting smoking. I had at one time smoked up to 2 1/2packs a day when my husband was alive, he smoked 3 most days. You know how we love to light up when anyone else does. Since he passed away years ago I was only down to a pack and 1/2 a day.

    One thing I know about quitting smoking as I have quit before (shorter periods of time) it's like having a baby...it's not the same for everyone and every pregnancy is different.

    I found for ME smoking was somewhat like being an alcoholic; once I had one, I was off the wagon. I also found that the more I deprived myself, the more I doubled up to catch up when I did smoke.

    I wish both of the you the best of luck and I have already been praying for you ever since I saw your first posts about quitting smoking. Actually that's the case for hangininthere and ever since I started talking with you Jane and you mentioned wanting to quit.

    Another thing I learned is that non-smokers have NO Clue how hard this is and most think it's just a matter of putting them down and never picking them up again. I remember one time feeling like I was not so much of a failure about quitting when a person in my caseload said it was easier for him to quit a 22 year heroin addiction that to quit smoking. I don't know why I somehow felt justified to continue smoking after that discovery, just felt like it was useless to try to quit I guess. Anyway, I wanted to let both of you know that you have my love, prayers and support.

    I have copied a website that I went to after I went my 1st 24 hours without a cigarette and felt like there was some hope that I may be able to do this. Click on the quitassist logo in the middle of the page. I ordered (free) the booklet so I could have it with me at work to refer to or draw inspiration from. I was especially motiviated when I read the changes my body was going through daily.

    Anyway, here's the site and I'm praying for you both.

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    How is it going? I have to apologize that I rarely check the message boards anymore and respond to so few that I forget to go back and look.

    I was about to think you were a figment of everyone's imagination since so many people were posting to you and no one seemed to know what happened to you....LOL.

    I really think the stressors in our lives, especially dealing with pain makes quitting so much harder. I would proably not be able to quit now if I smoked because I have a lot of pain I didn't have when I did quit.

    I know exactly what you mean about justifying not quiting. I did that right up to the point I smoked my last cigarette. I used to get so scared if I had to have a chest xray assuming they would find something bad and when they didn't I always figured that gave me a get out of jail free pass to keep smoking. I know...I'm an idiot, who else would think like that...LOL.

    Don't men make you sick when it comes to quitting. My husband smoked 3 packs a day and would get up one morning and decide..hey, I don't want to smoke anymore and he wouldn't. He would quit for months to years at a time with no problem and no withdrawals....grrr! When I tried it he was running to the store to buy me a pack of cigarettes before the end of the 2nd day I was in such a foul mood and hard to live with. I know several men who are just able to put them down with no problems. I contend that it's because as women we deal with more stress than men or handle it differently.

    Well, hang in there and you take care.
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    I look forward to your input when you're revved up again! I agree with you, it is truly harder for women to quit, especially when bipolar is an issue because we use that cig as a way to treat that, or at least I was guilty of that one.

    You know how it is, quitting smoking is the absolute hardest thing in the world to do and no amount of nagging or guilt trips (had that from friends) helps at all and in a lot of cases has the reverse affect. I used to get so angry with people nagging me about my smoking that I smoked more.

    I commend you for your efforts small or large because I know the battle you fight.

    Hang in there....hanginginthere....LOL.