hangininthere...just read one of your old posts & think I can rec

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    recommend something for you possibly.

    I read that you had great success with fish oils for the two days you took them but unfortunately had unwanted side-effects. I wondered if the high levels of EPA helped you. I know of a supplement by a company called Healthspan (I think...I'd probably have to check) called Cerebrum. This was an EFA supplement developed by a company for those who wanted the benefits who wanted the benefits of an EPA supplement but not from a fish source...vegans etc. I took it for a while some time back. I was able to take normal fish oil so just went back to that cos it was cheaper andI could pick it up off the shelf. The Cerebrum is mail-order.

    Well, this company developed a supplement around the algae that the fish feed from which contains high levels of EPA but is not taken from the fish. It's what the fish eats in order to develop high levels of EPA...so,you'd be getting it from the original source rather than from the fish.

    Since you had such good benefits from fish oil but were forced to stop for the reasons you said, I thought that this may give you the same beneficial results you had from the fish oil without the nasty side-effects.

    Do a search on Healthspan Cerebrum if you're interested...if it doesn't come up I'll have a look for one of their catalogues...see if I have an old one at home, maybe.

    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know...

    God bless, love Shelbo
  2. shelbo

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    as I think I may still have four or five of these caps hanging around in my room (still in date)...it'd probably be enough for you to know if you'd react badly or not since your body seems to react very quickly to something it doesn't like!

    What a shame but I do hope you find some...you should e-mail them to see if they have a US distributor, maybe?

    God bless, Shelbo

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