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    Time to start a new thread. In 6 days we reached 111 posts!

    Lifting up prayers all day for Hangin.

    Hope Georgia isn't in too much pain. Glad to know where her boss is.

    Hope Carrie and her sweet children are feeling better.

    Helping ouch to build her dream pill-bottle housing development.

    Pengy's at Hangin's to peck the punk.

    Fight will be writing another survey.

    I'm recovering from my Pylexia. Took vitamins A, B, C, D, and E last night, and starting with those letters regained my whole alphabet. I think it's also having Peace from the Pengy's. (uh-oh)

    Pengy's - enjoyed your visit. Thank you for the beautiful stenciling on my walls - there's just a LITTLE bit on the floor, couch, kitchen table, bathroom floor, sink, chairs,bed, and fireplace mantel, but that's okay.

    Does this sound like a soap or what???
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    How are you feeling today? And the kids and your Mom?

    Today I was drawing a scarlet macaw, some dolphins and a monarch butterfly.

    If I can get a friend of mine to figure out how to use my scanner, I will put in my profile one of my favorite drawings, in brush and ink,and pen and ink. It's got a very fat prairie-dog slumped over sleeping in the sun, a black and white elegant crane, a mouse with it's cute little paws nibbling on a large seed, and an odd fish who looks like a grumpy old man.

    I am so happy doing my painting and drawing! I was worried that our financial problems, and my ins. fight to keep my therapist would trigger off my PTSD too much for me to concentrate.

    What a blessing that I CAN concentrate , because I want to sell my work to help with finances.

    I'm so concerned to hear from hanginin; have been praying like crazy.

    ((HUGS)) to you and Megan and Eric!
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    yeah, that's a good idea to keep the post down to 2 pages.

    I'm glad you have those skills for inspecting houses and property, that is going to be so valuable when your Dad picks out some more.

    How did you learn all those fixing kind of skills? I wish that I could do more along those lines.

    Your 6 ciggies sounds like you're really keeping it down.

    Are the pengy's going to visit you soon? They could do SO MUCH with that apartment complex.

    p.s. What ever happened to that great photo you had of yourself in your profile? You looked like a country girl.
    That's where you belong. At least out of that noisy city!

    Has your pain lessened any?
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    Sent some suggestions over to your thread.
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    How is your neck pain doing? When do you see the doc. again?

    How is your car coming along?

    I'm going crazy waiting to hear from hanging - how it all went.
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    The pengy's do a great border print. Hangin wants hers done - said it reminds her of a maple leaf - their feet.

    I love that. The one they did for me was more intricate of a pattern, since they used their beak too, inbetween.

    Seriously, watch out for all that paint.

    Before I got cfs I painted the HUGE apartment where we were living in a small city, then when we moved I painted the house we're in now. All those chemicals !!!

    I know there were many other reasons I got sick, but now I have MCS big-time.

    Air out A LOT. (mother hen - cluck)
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    SO glad that you're not in a flare! Wow, what a relief.

    Is a cabled vest like an Irish Fisherman's sweater?

    I'm so concerned about Hangin!!!
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    Just ordered y-dan exercise DVD - remember the thread that Jeanne-in-C. started? I have so much more energy lately- can now start strengthening muscles.

    Fight - you should keep bumping up your new post until people get a chance to see it. It probably takes time for people to be on line, and then get used to seeing it.

    Night all - it's 1:00 a.m. here. I can't believe I've been up for 13 hours already!! I used to be able just to go for 4, then had to sleep.

    Who has the pengy's?

  9. windblade

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    Hope you are resting well.

    Today for some reason I prayed for you and your patients.

    So thankful tomorrow is Friday, and after that you can rest for the week-end.
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    OMG, Are they on the loose again, running amok???

    I'm worried about them - their feet aren't good for traveling on cement.
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    Glad to hear they are safe! You will look very N.Y. "cool" if you are bald.

    Enjoy your weekend after this hard week. I hope you get lost in all the pleasures of your fibre art projects.

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    How are you and the little ones feeling today?

    You must be so exhausted after such a series of colds and viruses. Hope little Megan's temp. is down.

    I really enjoyed the last photos of them - I can see Eric looks more boyish now.

    I still chuckle when I remember your shopping 'mommy talk' "Eric, stop throwing the frogs, " Eric, stop hugging your sister".

    Looking forward to your next photo-collages. Was it Eric and the Bird Band?

    Hope you're doing well.

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    Is it a chin-strap pengy or some exotic kind?

    YAYYY!!! New pengy's. The baby ones are utterly adorable. This one can't be up to mischief yet, being so young.

    Anne morrow LIndbergh's autobiographies are wonderful - with American and European history experienced first hand.
    Her father was a senator, and then traveling with her famous husband they were in the midst of some major events.

    She is a superb writer, but it is not straight history.

    My husband is a passionate history reader also.

    Your antique knitting journals are a dream come true for a booklover. The one with the handwritten script and real textile samples is the kind of treasure that I would want to look at everyday.

    Pet the new pengy for me,

    What are you feeding him?
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    An infant chin-strap - someone new in the pengy neighborhood. I thought that some of the ones that visited me were really rock-hoppers.

    That's why they kept wanting to jump off the roof.

    But you're the expert.

    Ahhhhh, the antique knitting journals by your chair. Perfect ambience and comfort. I'm convinced that books send out a presence.

    We have one whole wall in our living room - floor to ceiling books. And the main furniture in other rooms are bookshelves with BOOKS.

    Yes, A.M Lindbergh did write 'Gift from the Sea'. A true classic.

    Didn't Jack London write a story about a dog who was kidnapped and brought to Alaska and had to learn how to survive? Buck?

    I LIVED that story when I was a kid, with my strong love for animals, and especially dogs.

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    When my cat had kittens, my dog Pookie ( I was only 14 when I named her :) )

    helped with the birth. She licked the birth sac off of every kitten ! We were in awe watching.

    Yes, 'Call of the Wild' - that was it. And I read other books of his too. Wow, what a book.

    So glad you're excited about reading again! Another lifegiver.

    Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers.


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    I am so, so glad to hear from you!!! I've been so concerned about your health. Hon, have you ever taken pro-biotics or do you take Vit.c or astragalus and echinacea for your colds and viruses?

    My husband works as an art teacher in a grammar school, and is always bringing home "bugs". We start with lactoferrin at the very first sign of a cold/virus, and most times it will blast it out of our ststems before it takes hold.

    Brain foggy - did I write this to you before?

    Anyhow, your poor immune system needs all the help it can get - and I want you to have energy for your photo-art.

    I hate it when I get overexhausted and wired at the same time. It's a miserable feeling. Hoping right now you're sleeping or resting, or maybe even getting absorbed in a book for a break.

    I get worried about you - I guess I'm being mother-henish.
    Cluck. :)

    But maybe there are more resources to build up your health.

    You AMAZE me in how well you take care of your children, and all that you do!

    Peace and blessings to you - Sunday is a quiet restful day for me too.

    Lots of quiet (((HUGS)))
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    Thank you for your patient listening and prayers last night!!!

    I feel so relaxed and peaceful today. What a blessing!

    And I had good dreams last night which is such a break from the ptsd nighmares.

    I could have been having those good dreams as a result of your prayers in church today for us all. Thank you.

    Hope you are having a happy day today with your knitting. How is your sweater coming along? Who is it for again?

    I love thinking of those pengy sweaters, and people coming to help them.

    Peaceful Sunday blessings to you.