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    I just wanted to say a special thank you for all the kind words and support you have given me the last few days. I have been having a very rough go of it...but then aren't we all. You have stood out above everyone and kept up with my posts and I need you to know I appreciated it! I don't get to post or reply as much as I would like so I understand that the board moves fast and stuff gets overlooked sometimes...seems you have gone out of your way...Thank You!
    Hope you are well
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    bumping for Amy.
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    hangininthere wanna make sure you see this!!
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    Yes I am at work...and feeling pretty low. Had a bad nite last nite, hurting all day, didn't get any sleep today and my sweet DevinLee pushed every button I have today. Seems he always knows when I am feeling really bad and he just goes crazy. So I am now at work on no sleep since...um what is today...friday morning...so no sleep since wed nite...that is not good! My back and hips are killing me and I have been so irritable!!! I am so despirate to feel even a little better. I feel so freakin guilty about not being able to do things with DevinLee...and hubby too. Enough whining...don't guess it will change anything.

    Soup is going well...I made so much I had to call my granmother for a bigger pot. We have been eating on it since Sunday so we were a little burned out today and had fish sticks and french fries tonite.

    You really are an angel as I was sure no one even noticed I was gone for awhile. And yes there is such a huge hole the patch is not working too well. Jody and I are both pretty shy hermits and friends are not something we have a lot of...or family for that matter...seems it is common amoung "us" to be that way...so sad that we don't have people to support us. We need some support right now so bad, between losing Chad and me being sick we REALLY need a break from DevinLee. Lord knows he is my life and I love him so much it hurts, but I have not been away from him except for work and dr appts and such for the whole 2 years of his life. I would give my last dollar if I had someone to keep him even for just overnite and let Jody and I get some rest and some time together where we were not so focused on DevinLee and all of the crap in our lives. I thought I was finally gonna be able to trust my mom enough when last week she got totally drunk and left me with out a sitter while I went to the doc at the last minute. I can so relate to...is her name kate, the one we are working on the shower for...only had 3 people outside of ones who gave showere show up for mine and my wedding was only mom/dad/witnesses/ and me/Jody. I want a family who gives a crap so bad!!!

    Well...guess I shouldn't bore you anymore...I just wanted to say thanks...your special attention has really meant a lot to me!

    Love and Hugs