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    Thanks hun for your help and advice about the magnesium...I had been wanting to give magnesium a try anyway and had put it off and put it off...

    Finally, yesterday I bought some Magnesium 250mg

    Because im a little scared at times of taking to much etc... Last night, I took one around 7pm and then 2 around 9:30pm.

    I have a really hard time falling alseep but last night was a little easier to fall asleep, still some trouble but better...I did feel a little better from the depression today...but I slept longer then I normally do this morning....are you sleeping longer on up into the morning when taking the mag??

    Tonight, I am going to give a try at taking 4-250mg right before bed....I'm hoping for even better results....only thing I did see was, I did sleep longer this morning and a little groggy(sp) when first awaking.... Dont get me wrong though Mornings is my worst time anyway!!

    Just wanted to say thanks and wondering if the Mag is causing you to sleep longer!


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    After thinking about it last night and knowing I needed to get up early this morning to get myself together....Need to go out today....I only took one magnesium pill last night.

    Think im going to do as your sujesting and just experiment around with the magnesium dosage.

    I am up early this morning though and no hangover feeling woohoo..lol

    It just takes me awhile of being up to really get going....but I am feeling a little better as far as the depression...I think the magnesium may just work after getting to the right dosage.

    I have never tried St. John's Wort....but have heard alot of good stuff about it....I will definatley look into it...I just have to be careful because of the prescribed meds im on....My body is so funny when it comes to some meds & supplements....as it is with many of us.

    Thanks again hun for your help and I'll let you know how the magnesuim is doing when I get to the right dosage.

    Hope you have a low-pain day!!


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