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    Hi dear friend,

    Just finished reading your second post with new info. on the special thread about your son's situation.

    First I wanted to say, You need to watch your high blood pressure! I know that you're gearing up for the battle which is the right thing to do. You need to stay strong and centered.

    I know easier said than done, but I'm concerned about your BP.

    And I can hear your adrenaline racing, and why? Because I'm exactly the same way. LOL

    Tomorrow, I'm going to call a place for special prayer - a convent actually where I have many special friends. They take prayer requests and will pray for 2 weeks straight.
    Man, these women are powerful prayer warriors!

    It will add another strength to our fantastic prayer group here. Am also going to ask for prayer for me - I'll share it with you, after you get through this first crisis.

    Dear Hanginin, SING your hymns!!! THey are your strength and will focus your mind and energies. Keep singing them.

    You now have lots of prayer behind and with you and your
    son and husband!!!

    And, your health has improved lately, thank God!

    So, You are the payee! At least that is one thing clarified. Do not blame yourself for being sick, dear friend. Remember Fight's post on forgiveness. Practice that, so your mind and heart will not be churning out energy in the wrong direction!

    So now, you have his food money. That is one step.

    Just thinking out loud, but if the con threatens you on Wed; maybe you should run outside yelling for someone to call the police. I'm thinking of building up grounds for a restraining order. But you will have to see at the time which is better for your BP.

    Everyone will be in prayer for you to make a decision based on God's guidance.

    I'm going to read your post again for more details, but you have to take one step at a time, after looking at the whole situation.

    I'm so sorry that you and your family are going through this, but we're not going to give up!!!

    Powerful blessings sent to you,
    many ((hugs)), and much love!
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    I called my friend, Sister margery, and explained about both our needs, and she said she was going to start praying as soon as she got off the phone.

    And, she will put it on the prayer board, so that the whole convent will pray.:)

    These women are wonderful - the first thing I noticed when I went there was the wonderful variety of different kinds of senses of humor.

    I grew up Lutheran, and all I knew of nuns were my Catholic friends stories of getting hit with rulers!

    But I have been friends with three people in this community, for over 30 years.

    They dress in navy blue though, so wouldn't be good in pengy stories. I wish I would have heard that whole zany story that was lost.

    Do I have the hymn 'How great thou art'? I have so many paper piles with our latest misadventures to sort out, that I don't know what I have.

    Sending blessings!
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    Have been praying for you big-time for tomorrow.

    And our wonderful, faithful prayer warriors here.

    And the non-pengy nuns - the whole convent.
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    Thankyou for the hymn - I have been singing them so much that they just kind of bubble up into my mind - I love it when that happens.

    If you feel panicky, start taking gentle, deep slow breaths. Do you know how to breathe from your diaphragm?
    My breathing gets shallow when I'm anxious, so I deliberately switch.

    Also , you can tense each muscle group, then release it. Your body relaxes. I love the deep breathing - it feels so good getting all that oxygen and calm.

    There are lots of library books on 'The relaxation Response.'

    Everytime I start worrying about the future, I repeat after Jesus, "let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day." I use that a lot!!!!!

    I love what you wrote about meeting Jesus' outstretched arms walking on the water. That's just where we belong!!

    I also love how you saw a maple leaf pattern in the pengy's footprint!

    One of my strongest feelings in life is that we are 'one body in Christ' - all denominations.

    I keep saying I am half Catholic and half Protestant. Almost everyone tells me that's impossible, but I CLAIM it.

    One side of my family was Irish Catholic, the other Scandinavian & German Lutheran.

    I saw holiness in each of my grandmothers, and I know they are praying for me in heaven.

    Sister Margery is Charismatic.

    Also I believe in honoring and learning from other religions. I am deeply rooted in my own faith, but see God's presence in others'.

    About Paul's paintings of me, if he agreed, and I could get my friend with her digital scanner here, I would be happy to post them.

    Also, for more recent photos, I could ask Diane to let me ham it up. Whichever comes first. It would be fun.

    Keeping a prayer watch for you, dear friend!

    Giant Hugs and Blessings.

    "I will never fail you or forsake you, says the Lord."
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    So eager to hear how you are!

    Going to take a nap - it's 7:30 here. Had a good, busy day.

    I have to keep remembering that being on the East Coast, everyone is 4, 3, 2, 1 hours behind me. What's late for me is early for you guys.

    That sounds like a brain fog idea. LOL

    I prayed for you all throughout the day. Listened to great gospel/rhythm and blues today.

    Bolsters my faith everytime!

    Special Blessings today - may angels watch over you and your family!!!

    p.s. started new pengy thread
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    My dear friend,

    I am so with you in this!!!

    You did a great job getting to pay off the phone bill, and I hope it worked out to order the phone.

    Hon, what do you mean about your dear son having a nervous breakdown? Deep depression? Extreme anxiety?

    That will be my main prayer today. How does he do with antidepressants, or for anxiety, something like Neurontin?

    I wonder if a big part of it isn't malnutrition??

    Oh, how I hate people to suffer!

    Remember to breathe from the diaphragm, gentle, slow deep breathing. Do you know that you push the tummy out when you breathe in, and vice versa?

    The B vitamins are for the nervous system, if he can tolerate them.

    I can look up more info. I have a book on natural antidepressants.

    When you're at the hospital, keep singing hymns to yourself. If you do it out loud they'll keep you there.LOL

    I'm going to make a list of each item you're working on.

    You're doing a great job!!!

    May the God of the greatest love tenderly shield you and your precious son. May he send you advocates, whether angelic, or through human intervention.

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    You did a great job, resting and replenishing your energies last night after all the activities.

    I have one more nun if we need her. LOL

    She is my spiritual mother, Sister Mary. She has cfs/fibro. and is one of the holiest people I know. She would only think of wanting to love Jesus more. Her laughter is one of the greatest joys in my life. She is a total original!

    Remember, the convent is praying for 2 weeks! And I can always call them again. Those women I adore, one elderly nun is about 4' tall, with a smile that can light up a city.

    Also, I can pray with Diane, my prayer partner.

    And our faith-filled, prayer warriors right here are praying!

    You can see how blessed I am with all these people in my life!
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    How much has happened already!!! And it's still early.

    Identity theft! THank God the police came to your home, when you didn't have the energy to wait at the phone booth.

    And thank God the young one was kind and a good listener!

    About your prison ministry - I think you have to STOP that vivid imagination. LOLOLOL Really got me laughing on that one.

    If I took any coconut oil now, I probably wouldn't sleep in a month. I've had so much energy lately, partly from my PTSD healing. HALLELUJAH!!!

    My prayer was answered on Tuesday, when I finally worked through my sorrow, and anger, and grieving about our huge financial crisis. That took only 4 days - not bad for such horrendous news.

    Then on Tuesday, the happiest thing, I was able to start on my drawing and paintings as soon as I got up. I hope to sell my work - I think it will sell well.

    To put it simply, I've always had terrible excruciating backlashes whenever I've done the work I love.

    Besides survival, this has been the main reason why I've gone to different therapists since I was in my 20's!!!! But no-one could really help me before - in fact they made it much worse by pushing me to keep trying, without healing the lashbacks. It put me in such an endangered state constantly, with unbearable pain.

    Only this past month have I started to heal. I HAVE HEALED!!!!!!! From the roots of the trauma. It took another 3 years with this therapist to finally find the psychological tools to work with this.

    SO.... Tuesday, even after our terrible news, I sat right down and HAPPILY drew plants, and dolphins, and a gorgeous parrot.

    I've been slowly approaching this in tiny steps for the past 4 months, with GREAT anxiety.


    And, I wrote my first letter contesting the ins. coverage so I can continue my therapy.

    I am so tired from only 3 hours sleep that I'm going to put the heating pad on my back and neck, and read a cozy book, then sleep. Heaven! Then our prayer group tonight.

    I have been doing so much cleaning, organizing, laundry using this new energy that my poor muscles are strained.

    I ordered the Y-Dan exercise tape to help me gently exercise and build up my strength.

    Have more to say, but surely have said a lot.

    Catch you later.
    Blessings to you, and ESPECIALLY to your precious son. And I've been praying for your husband with all this going on.

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    I just read your p.s.

    YES, the social worker at the hospital!

    I've read everything, so delete away for your peace of mind.

    The vitamins are just right for him.

    Now, my whole prayer focus will be on your son's needs. On all levels of his life.

    May Jesus protect and bring his healing to your precious family. Amen
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    Dear friend, Just read your latest prayer post.

    It's 12:00am here - my heart is in my throat at the battle you are going through.

    Still praying
    Thankful for the God who neither slumbers or sleeps
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    LOrd, please make your strength perfect in our weakness.
  12. windblade

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    Remember to breathe! You can do that wherever you are.

    It will replenish your oxygen, and help you to rest when you need to.

    Rest in the Lord.

    I so grieve for all of this.
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    To my dear friend,

    Thank God he's safe in the hospital to get medications and psychiatric care!!!!

    You did a great job with all this - you must be so exhausted!

    Diane and I prayed for you, and especially for your son, this morning. She prayed a beautiful prayer that God in his great love has a plan for your son's life, and how much Jesus loves him.

    Yes, the next step is for a social worker to handle the checks.

    Thank God the prayers for your husband calmed him down.

    Just answer posts when you have the energy.

    Feb 1st I was getting anxious and whiny, but I was over-exhausted - I get like that - when I was worried about you.
    THat just shows me that I need to REST. So please disregard any fretful posts when I kept asking our Pengy group if they had heard from you. :)
    Praying for the hospital NOT to release him to the punk! I feel like calling him a lot worse.

    Would they call you first to talk to you?

    Don't forget the whole convent is praying!
    And our group here.

    I think you're wonderful!

    Powerful blessings to your whole family!!!!
  14. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Let me know if there's anything you want me to delete, too.

    Lots of love!
  15. windblade

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    Hon, I read your last prayer post.

    Wow, it's good that you caught that medication side-effect!

    You are not alone in this, but surrounded and upheld by earthly and heavenly power and wisdom.

    How I wish I could help you though - just to be there for you in person!!!

    Praying for you to be able to bring your son home.

    Dear Lord, as these human agencies fail us, step in with your perfect intelligence, and bring to my dear friend solutions to keep her son safe from this predator.
    In Jesus' name Amen
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    Dear Sweetie,

    I counted at least five major answers to prayer in your post on the prayer thread. Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so proud of you for your Mama-bear fighting spirit and protection of your son.

    I was so glad to read this morning that he was out of the hospital and home with you.

    Now, we all need to pray for the medicaid card.

    When is the appointment to get it?

    Sending LOTS of love to your family.

    Did you get to see how MANY are praying for you especially, here?

    You are so loved, and rightly so, because you have a great and loving heart. I think you're wonderful.

    Dear Jesus, bring your comfort and strength, and wisdom to this precious family; and all the gifts of your Holy Spirit that you have given to us. Amen
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    To my dear friend,

    Praying for you just now. I came across something brilliant that you had written in a post. I copied it down. You wrote: "Praying for your enemies removes the 'mystique and the power they have over you!"

    I have had to practice this a LOT in my life, so I've sorted out some layers of it over the years.

    Forgiveness is mandatory, it is something we must do, Christ says.

    To forgive someone does not mean that the person or what they have done is any less evil, cruel, destructive or harmful.

    It somehow releases us and them in the spiritual realm.

    But we can and should be outraged, angry, and protect ourselves and others from harm in every way!!!

    We don't LET bad people hurt us, but we forgive them, because Christ told us to.

    I'm exhausted right now, need to rest and prepare for therapy.

    I wouldn't have written this to anyone else. But I want you to be completely clear in your spirit, to be receptive for what God wants to give to you.

    Forgive ME if this is off-base. Just want you to have all your spiritual weapons and armor in place.

    and Blessings.
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    Oh , how wonderful to hear from you !!!!!

    You're back!!!!!!!!!!

    Just finished reading the New Update, about the special clinic!


    I had to yell that out here in thanks to our God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then I had to sing my beloved gospel music LOUD in praise of God, for all He is doing, His faithfulness, and how smart he is!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what good news. No, we will not stop praying until your precious son is safe.

    How funny, all along I have been praying for a place that would care for Asperger's, AND for your son to find a true and good friend!!!

    The LOrd sure puts things on our hearts to pray for.

    I will check the date of when the Sisters started praying, and call Sister Margery - she will pray and put continued prayer back on the prayer board.

    And wait till I tell Diane, she was inspired to pray a beautiful prayer for God's plan for your son's life. :)

    Going to send this and go sing a little more, in joy and praise.

    So much more to write you.

    Do you know, when I read about the clinic, I was so excited I jumped out of my chair to CALL YOU! :)

    It really made me laugh.

    Oh, praise God.

    Be back soon!

    p.s. Hearing from you reminded me and helped me to put my own prayer request on the prayer thread.

    Our FAITHFUL prayer warriors here have such loving hearts, and are so wonderful!
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    Hi again,

    Wow, that did me a lot of good! Singing along with all my heart to this purely joyful gospel music. Praising God in song. It so renewed and filled me up, like an empty well being filled!

    So many people here that love you are going to be so glad you're back! You are such a good presence here on board.

    Now, 1) You have already stopped your son's money? Has it been processed? How will you know when it's settled?

    2) Is your new phone connected at home?

    3) Is it possible for you to have your son diagnosed again - maybe by this clinic - to prove that he is not capable of handling his money? Since they are knowledgable about Aspergergers and ADHD.

    4)The medicaid card - now I'm confused , we're still praying for that?

    (continued in next post)

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    Whewwww - didn't mean to send that post off. So glad it wasn't lost!

    I am still rejoicing over the clinic!!! Maybe he won't feel so lonely now - that could be where he meets friends.

    I was thinking all along as I've been praying, that God always told his people in the Old Testament, to care for the widows and orphans; which kept encouraging me that he cares for all the ones that society can fail. And that HE cares so much.

    Whenever I pray with Diane we will pray for you and your son. She already knows you , because I was telling her how terrific I thought you were, and how much fun!

    Wow, all this has SO renewed my spirits.

    I'm so glad you finally had the energy to take your vit. B and C. Also, don't forget to take a multi- vitamin and mineral if well tolerated because it will fill in any gaps that are missing.

    Also, do your deep breathing throughout the day for oxygen for good energy.

    I was concerned about your sleeping. Is that okay?

    We have to keep you strong here. :)

    Going to get some food now - be back later!

    Praise be to God!!!!

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