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    How are you? Hope your day has been with less-fatigue and pain. Just thought, I would drop a note to check in and see how you're doing!!

    God Bless
    ((Love & Prayers))
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    Read both your prayer request, and will pray.

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    Prayers for all. You are so sweet checking up on hangininthere. I will keep an eye open, too.


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    Hey hun,

    Hope your day is going well with less-fatigue and pain....Had planned on writing back to you sooner...but have been pooped myself....I'm like you and most on here, I often read and ALWAYS pray for everyone here, but sometimes don't feel up to posting that day.

    What a blessing to have six productive mornings in a row!! I am so happy that the new supplement's you have recently added has been helping...Thank You Jesus!!!

    I'm praying for your son today and the appt. he has today...I pray he gets a payee. Also continued prayer's for your brother...I hope and pray he is doing better!!

    Let us know how your sons appt. goes and how your brother is doing when you feel upto it!!

    I have to catch up on post today....my lil sis stayed with me last night and I mustered up the energy to take her to the YMCA yesterday.....and BOY do I feel it today. I took her to the outdoor pool, she enjoyed it very much as I did too, im just feeling it today.

    You would think just laying by the pool side wouldn't drain you that much....but the getting ready to go and comeing back home wore me out the most.....It was worth it though, to see lil sis enjoy herself.

    Prayers going Up for you & Family!!

    God Bless
    ((Love & Prayers))

    ***Nyrofan....Thank you hun!! I think you all are a blessing here and All sweetheart's :)