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    I just got around to reading your's and Windblades post, on my little skunk tail! LOL pun intended!

    I'm so glad you are seeing a improvement in your son!!
    Yeah, i know i can't spell, but you get the point!

    Has the cooking and good meals, helped you feel better?
    I hope so, and how is that dipping going for you??

    I so enjoy talking to you, and windblade.
    Take Care,
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    You crack me up!!LOL, I'm walking around the house laughing out loud!

    Snorting snuff with a dollar bill! And you don't know where it went!LOL
    Straight to your brains girl! giggle

    I never knew snuff had such wonderful benefits!

    I really do hope, and am praying that you can quit the cigarettes.

    Your right about the bending your elbow part, your body is trained to do it. I hope you forget while keeping busy in the kithcen making your healthy life giving food, for you and your son, and family.

    Thank you for sending love to my kids, and furbabies, (((Hugs))) and kisses sent and received.

    My grandma always says "kiss the kids", before hanging up the phone, and i reply, "yes, i'll will kick them"
    LOL! I'm just yoking with her!

    I really like the picture and verse you posted! One of my favorites. It's Great and uplifting.

    Take it gentle on that nose of yours, you only have one!

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    Have been praying big time for you both and others, when I don't have the energy to post.

    Hangin, so glad you're feeling up to snuff!:)I cracked up when you said you thought it cured your allergies. Does it have less addictive additives than ciggies?

    I have been wanting to tell you how important it was that you found a bread that your son will eat!!! Now, let's see if he starts putting on weight. It's wonderful to hear from you, dear friend. I love it when you have the energy to be here!

    Misty, I love your wonderful stories, like the skunk, and rat ones. Tell more, if you think of them!!!

    I wrote out a whole letter to you in my head, when I was too sick to get out of bed, but was thinking of you so much.

    The gist of it was that I really love having you as a friend. And I was thinking of how we both love 'Lord of the Rings.'And I wanted to tell you that everything we love there will come true, even if we are like Sam and Frodo in Mordor now or at times.

    Love talking to you both too!!!
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    I posted this over on the other board, i just copied, and pasted it here for you!

    I was looking for my LOTR's books just the other day, i wanted to find one part in it, but i couldn't find my books!


    OT; my latest Oops 10/18/06 06:56 PM

    Haven't done this one before!!

    I've been feeling pretty weak, and hurting, but we had our first women's bible study meeting for this year the other day.

    I wanted to cancel out and skip it, but, i'm kinda in charge of it, so instead i took a nap and showed up alittle late,

    Well when i got back home i was REALLY beat!
    I came in the house to rest for about 10 min. before the kids got off the bus.

    Well, when they got home, they wanted to know where i was going because the car was still outside running with the lights on!!


    On top of that, my oldest stays after sometimes when for tudoring. And the other two kids told me he wasn't home, so i just figured he had stayed after school.

    I was in the office on the phone, and wasn't really paying attention. I hung up and went out in the livingroom to see how there day was, they were sitting on the couch.

    I had to walk past the closet, and out of the corner of my eye i catch this movement.
    Well my oldest son had come home on the bus!!
    He came out of the closet with a huge brown jacket on, and a black snowmobile helment, and grabbed my arm!!

    Yes, i screamed!!!

    I thought he was going to piss his pants laughing at me!!!

    I bet that was really good for my adrenal system!

    I told him when i got done laughing i was going to "kill" him, and he better run!

    Well atleast i found out i'm still alive!!

    Moral of the story, don't alway believe those innocent little faces!!

    Well, i guess this is really two stories, make sure you turn off your vehicles when you get home!
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    I would have screamed too! I love your stories - keep 'em coming.

    When I was in my early 20's, my friends and I got in a zany mood and started playing Hide and Seek indoors. I was looking and looking for one guy, and it turned out he was under a pile of dirty laundry on the floor. It still makes me chuckle. I never found him - he just popped up and out, and scared me to death.

    Another friend tried to hide in the oven, almost made it - we were skinnier then.

    Then the same crafty laundry guy took out part of the wood paneling and squeezed into some kind of space behind the wall.

    But the best part was when a husband and wife changed socks that were brightly colored, and he wore her headscarf - their front and back ends were sticking out from behind an end table. I raced back to base, sure I had them, but when they ran up behind, I was so freaked out,
    seeing them changed into each other, that all I could do was babble, didn't touch the base that was about an inch away, waved my hands all around in shock, and LOST.

    I'm going to have to e-mail my whacky, creative friend and remind him of it. Good, funny memories.

    I've been watching a red-headed woodpecker climbing straight up and down a blazing orange tree. So beautiful. Are your leaves still UP there?

  6. windblade

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    What are 'LOTR books' ?????????
  7. morningsonshine

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    The first time someone did that to me, i didn't get it either!!

    Lord Of The Rings LOTR!!LOL

    Maybe someday we can play hide and seek together! I bet hangin would like to get in on that one!

    We use to do the one were we would race back to base too, but out in the yard, and one of our friends knocked themselve for a loop when she hit the clothes line!

    All the leave are gone and it's snowing!

    Your friend,
    Samwise!LOL Keep believing God is good, even in the Land of Mordor, and some friends are faithful to the very end.
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    Last but not least! Are you feeling better, I hope so, because you posted a whole book here!!LOL

    It's great to see you here on the board, I ran into your name a couple of times this morning!

    I wonder if the Lord will let us play hide and seek together in heaven? Then we don't have to worry about being sick, and having flares! Windblade would like that, don't you think?

    Isn't there a song with a refrain in it, "when we all get to heaven, what a.............???? time that will be"

    Ring a bell?

    Will continue to hold you up in prayer, when ever any mentions smoking now, i think of you and your snuffing! LOL

    People will wonder what my silly little grin means!

    Talk again later, and remember Patti, "put it in Park!, Dear" LOL! Your poor husband!


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    I'm feeling so bad about your step-daughter - just read that now. I know how hard it is, having to cut off with members of my own family. Not wanting to, trying for years and decades, until it was impossible to take anymore.

    I'm so glad your hubby stood up for you!

    I've been praying each time I think of you about the smoking, about your son, and now will pray for emotional healing, and for you to get your balance back again.

    I pray a lot - have filled up a whole ocean full of prayers - for my family, and a Dr. has come to my mother's home and FINALLY diagnosed her, and prescribed meds. for her. And a Christian second cousin has stepped up in prayer for my family, and support. Plus another family member who isn't manipulated or intimidated by my mother has stepped in to help.

    And how did I find all this out? Diane's dog ran away, and when she went to chase her, ended right up with my family member who gave her all this news. Took an ENORMOUS load of guilt and worry off of me.

    God must have sent an angel to pinch the dog, and led it right there!!! Amazing.

    I'm so glad that you have this worship board for your support and to help you through.

    So thankful for all of us here to have each other.

    Blessings to you, dear friend.
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    When we get to heaven, we can play hide and seek on dolphins swimming, and flying horses, like Pegasus. And REAL horses, because I've always wanted to ride! And even throughout different galaxies, because there will be so much to explore!!!

    Then we'll remember these days, and be so glad that we helped each other through!

    I am so thankful for this safe, loving prayer-family place!

    Speaking of LOTR, I have always felt like Frodo, and really could use a loyal, stout-hearted Samwise!!! Those books speak to our deepest dreams.

    My copy is the kind that comes in a box, in red-leather, with all 3 books in one, with gold lettering, and jewel like paint on the spine. Also fold-out maps of Middle Earth.:)

    It was a gift, and is the most beautiful looking book I have.

    Have been praying for you. Isn't it wonderful to come here, with so many dear, loving friends?!


    p.s. please be careful about your car running! And Hangin, you too! No driving over cliffs! Listen to your navigator.

    p.s.s. Give your horse and pony a rub on their muzzles for me. Is muzzle a horse term????