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    How's everything going?? You know i just want to tell you how proud i am of you, changing your cooking, and eating habits for your Son's health.

    It's not an easy thing to do.

    I was just looking at the gluten free recipe post, and looked up the book on amazon that was mentioned.

    I feel it would be benefical to me and my whole family, but the whole idea of learning to cook in a new way, and buying different stuff is so overwhelming!!

    It made me think of you, and what a good job you are doing.


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    I'm sitting here laughing about that stupid dream again!!

    Maybe i need muffins in my ears to block out all the noise my three boys make!!

    My oldest was on a roll this morning complaining about everything his little brother does!!

    Definetly need muffins to muffle that up, i don't want to hear it! LOL

    I'm not surprised the housecleaning wiped you out, and all those nasty fumes.
    Last weekend i went into our small local grocery store, and i wasn't feeling to great anyways, they had just mopped the floors!!

    Wow the smell was overpowering, and i immediately started to feel really ill, woozy, and anxious.

    I looked up that book posted with the banana bread recipe, i'm very tempted to buy it.

    Speaking of Windblade, i have a story i've been meaning to post for her. I think the transition of her husband retiring has been keeping her busy, and wiped out.

    Isn't it fun to find an old friend?? Someone else i know just recently spoke with an old high school friend.

    It's nice to have people make us laugh, specially at ourselves! I have a aunt like that, she is so funny, most of it's making fun of people, including herself, in a goofy way, not mean.

    You can do it! Quit smoking that is. All you need is a straight jacket, and someone one to feed you occasionally!
    LOL Just kidding.

    No really, i think you can. Go read my post about, Who am I?
    You are a daught of the King, Lord most high. Don't expect the melt down, and take time to, yes, pray, and read hhis word when anxious.

    And if you lose your cool forgive yourself, ask for forgiveness, and keep on trying!

    I believe, you believe!

    What's the longest you've ever quit?? Try beating your own record. But remember to also take one day at a time.
    Just quit for one day, until each day adds up.

    Okay, that's my pep-talk for the day.

    Now for the tough love part!

    "Don't make me come over there and bake muffins in your ears girl!!!"

    Will be praying for you as you try this again. If we don't hear from you, will put out an SOS for you.

    Bless you in Christ Jesus,


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    I love your new picture! You look like your dreaming about something.

    Probable muffins!:0)

    The blonde hair lights up you face, and looks nice.

    Oh, and i Love those green walls!!
    Did you paint that yourself! giggle

    My son have a really small camera on a key chain, and the color of those pictures aren't the best. But they have fun with it.

    The picture in my profile now is one of his pictures, a extreme close-up of his big brother!! LOL

    Here's looking at you babe!


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    Still got those muffins in your ears? Think I'll try that - I'm always looking for noise reduction. Never thought of muffins - very practical. LOL I'll have to make small ones, have small ears.

    I would LOVE to hear a story from you! I read something you wrote to my husband. It was such an excellent description of you riding your horse in the snow - with the horse steaming and warm, and you feeling like you had the whole world to yourself.

    My DH loved it - he sighed at the experience of it all. He paints horses many times in his paintings. It was always a dream of ours to learn to ride - but things got in the way.

    When I get to heaven, I'm riding Shadowfax, Gandalf's horse.

    I wrote a bit on my post to Hangin about our new life here - you were right about my being caught up in creating a whole new pattern of life with my DH's retirement.

    It's been DIFFICULT - but we're doing a good job of finding solutions. Wow, what energy it takes though - all this change.

    Mist, how is it going with driving your son to his vision Dr.???? I've been thinking so much about that.

    Keep those muffins in your ears, except when driving.

    Love, and prayers!