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    How are you doing??? I was just trying to catch up with everyone and reading some old post, and came across the one about cancer.

    Sorry i haven't been around to help support you thru that with everyone else.

    How is it going now??? Did you get moved also, to that place with the balcony?? How's that working.

    Have been missing you and the rest of my friends here, but summer kept me either busy or down.

    I wrote a couple more poems the other day and thought of you and Windblade.

    Take care,
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    Hope it's okay to jump in here, and say how good it is to see you here.

    The dog in your pic in profile is adorable. What kind is he?

    It's wonderful that you wrote 2 more poems! We have our third poetry thread going - under 'Tigress' as poster.

    I would love for you to share your poems, and I know Hangin would!

    Hope your summer with your boys went really well.

  3. morningsonshine

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    Nice to hear from you, this board hasn't moved all sunday! Wow!
    The puppy is a Great Dane monster called Wally. He's now 5 months old and stand at my waist, taller than a lab.

    My husband picked him up this Summer, he's my new watch dog.
    I really, really, wasn't ready for a puppy, specially a monster like him!!
    But i think when he mellow out he will be a really great dog.
    He's soo clumsly that it's hilarious! He falls over himself or falls on his head and summersaults over.

    But he gets alittle to rough on my youngest son, who isn't big enough to defend himself. The older boys just push Wally over when he gets to playing to hard.

    So should i post a new thread or just add my poem to the poety thread. I have to rework it alittle first.

    The other one was just a one liner for my husband, i love to cuddle, my favorite thing.

    round moon
    spooned against
    his thighs

    LOL! Hope it's not too shocking, the bible does give us the Song of Solomon.

    Or this one liner too,

    Twin hills
    once proud
    have fallen
    in your generosity
    you seem to care
    less than I.

    I was in a mood the other day, what can i say. :0)

    How are things going for you??

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    Well Mist, I can tell that your marriage is going well. :)

    Oh, I like both poems so much.

    The first one makes me sigh too - so replete with comfort, warmth, coziness, closeness, intimacy.

    And the second one gave me a laugh, and an understanding feeling, and has a great beauty of love in it!!! Very, very lovingly beautiful.

    About where to put them - you can put them on your own post, or on poems part 3. Or on both.

    I would really like to keep them in our poems 3 - so they won't get lost. I think of it as an anthology. And it can be pulled up at any time.

    A separate post others will see though - so both sounds good.

    They really leave me with a good warm feeling!