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    Hi, are you around this morning?? Or are you busy making chocolate cake, and pizza??

    I'm coming over! Sounds yummy!
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    I bet you just didn't want to share that cake!!

    I put a new picture in my profile, that's my big sister kicking but at barrel racing! She won high point for the year.

    I use to be able to do stuff like that.

    Go back to Elliespad, mental defect post, i left some funny bloopers on there, i new you would like!

    Hope all is well, when is your son's birthday?

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    Hey, just got home from our women's bible study group. We meet twice a month.

    It was awsome today, God really opened somethings up for prayer.

    I love making homemade pizza, it's one of our favorite meals around here. I hope you like it better once you get the guar gum gunk! LOL

    That sounds like a real lulu of a fall you took,, glad you survived it!

    I went off the back of my brothers dirt bike once! It was hilarious!!

    He was taking me down to the horse pasture, and i had a halter and rope in one hand, and a bucket of grain in the other, so i wasn't holding on.
    He was going in the ditch and popped over an approach and i bounced right off the back and was left there standing up on my feet!!

    He didn't even know he lost his passenger for a couple seconds.

    Fun talking with ya! That horse video was something!! Glad you enjoyed it!

    I'm pretty sure you are a good mommy!! I walked out of the grocery store once with my grocery's, and left my kid behind in the cars seat!! Now that's bad!! LOL

    I was also once, looking for my "lost" toddler once at a public place, all the while holding him on my hip! Pretty Nutty!!