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    Hey, Hangin,
    You continue to be on my mind and in my heart and prayers. I have been praying for you to have the strength to smoke in another room. I know that sounds silly but I understand the logic. My prayer right now is that the Lord will stretch out His almighty hand and give you a big blessing now. Not sure what that would be but you would. You take care and know that I am continuing to pray for you, sister.

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    Bump for Hangin
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    bumping for Hangin
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    You crack me up. Did you type all of that. You must have more energy than I DO especially today. Dragging my tail today.

    Here is how I described it to the band. We were on a roller coaster that was going really really fast and no one fell off. See if that is in the Halifax handbook or what ever you said. LOL

    Gotta run. They actaully pay me to work here you know.

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    Thanks for the giggle Hangin!

    Brio, is a term that is used to describe gaited spanish type horse. They are to have lots of Brio, and yet still be gentle and easy to handle.

    Bandwoman, i like your kitty too, is she a Persian? I could never afford one of those but love the look. What type of personality do they have?

    I got my manx or bobtail cat from a rescue home, so he didn't break my pocket book. In fact i traded my rabbit cages to them for my kitty.

    There were 4 kitties in the litter, and we got the only one with a long tail, go figure! Two were females, and i wanted a male, i think they are more affectionate. The other male kitty had absolutely NO tail, and it was kinda gross.
    It reminded me of one of those monkeys butts you see in the zoo, everything you don't want to see, visiable.

    Our kitty's personality fits the breed profile tho. A incredible jumper!! Active, but also very affectionate, he dosen't really meow, but has a very soft quiet kinda murrph sound he makes.

    He would love to chase your wand when your directing your musicians!LOL

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    You are both cracking me up. I got home really, really late and I am so wiped out but you guys gave me a really big belly laugh before going to bed. I will tell you about Mindy (my kitty when I am not so wiped.)

    Hangin, I will be sure to inform the Havard Dictionary of Music of the new word for a very very fast tempo. LOL

    Morning. My wand????????? Who do you think I am Harry Potter???
    Good night ladies.

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    Yes you are in my thoughts and prayers too. I think about you, and I know how difficult the problem is.

    You are right about limiting to one room in the house. A few years ago we decided enought of the nasty smell (and it wasnt good for the grandbabies) and only smoke in the computer room.

    But sweetie I do understand so much what you are going through. I dont need to be smoking at all. I have COPD and have skiped my last dr appt with my respirtary dr, cause I dont want to be fussed at right now.
    Love Brenda